Best Stardew Valley Professions? You Can Pick From

In Stardew Valley, there are a number of professions that you may select as you upgrade skills these professions provide more benefits, but some are eventually better than others.

Once you reach Level 5 of any one ability in Stardew Valley, you are going to be wondering what is the best choice of career.

As you level these skills, you have a chance to pick careers which impact mechanics within the game, and will provide certain advantages.

At levels five and 10, you will be given a choice of a profession, which is a small boost in each of the skills. Based on your first choice, you receive a second bonus at level 10, further specializing you into your chosen profession. 

So, in this article, we’ll tell you about the list of professions to pick in Stardew valley and what to choose among them.

List of Professions To Pick in Stardew Valley

These are all the Stardew Valley Professions that you can choose in the game.

Combat Professions

Combat Professions Stardew
stardew professions

Following are the combat profession in Stardew Valley.

Fighter vs Scout

Fighter is better than Scout, we think when you are just learning to play Stardew Valley. We would recommend choosing the Fighter over the Scout job as you begin to level because it offers much more useful buffs for damage output and HP long-term.

The fighter is better since you trade for more solid damage, plus it makes you Tanky, whereas scouting might seem like a good choice on paper, however, does not offer much, and crit opportunities are all-in-all a bit too RNG.

The fighter is better since you bargain more reliable damage and it also makes you Tanky, while the Scout expertise could appear to be a good decision on paper, however, it does not offer a lot and the crit chance seems all in all too RNG.

It may look like the Scout is a better choice, but because crit chance is multiplicative, Fighter is actually a better choice. This means if you take a fighter that has a 2x damage multiplier, it is going to deal twice as much damage as a Scout that has a 4x crit chance.

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Farming Professions

Farming Professions stardew
stardew professions

Rancher vs Tiller

If you chose Tiller in Farming level 5, at Level 10, you will have a choice between Artisan and Agriculturist. Second, choosing Tiller will unlock the Artisan at Level 10, far better than the two options given at Level 10 if you chose Rancher.

Once you have improved your Farming Skill to Level 10, you will be given a choice of being a Rancher or Tiller. Tillers provide a 10% boost in harvest profits, making farming in the early game extremely profitable. When made into artisan goods, agricultural and animal products are enhanced, and there are many options available.

Animals in coops and barns receive significantly narrower boosts. Even if you operate a huge farm, it could be preferable to transform your products into artisan goods so you can profit from the higher sale price.

While it makes sense to pick Rancher if you are going to be raising farm animals and making that your main means of earning profits, Tiller is a better choice, mostly due to the improvements Tiller offers once you hit level 10.

Considering Crafting goods are among Stardew Valley’s more profitable items, this is far better than the increased Crop Growth Speed given by Agriculturist.

Fishing Professions

Fishing Professions stardew
stardew professions

Fisher vs Trapper

For those newer to the game, you will get the chance to pick from two different careers once you hit skill level 5. Once you have reached level 5 in the fishing skill, players are asked to choose between Fishing or Trapper. 

The Fishing profession will also result in another profession choice at level 10, between the Angler or Pirate. The fishing or trapper professions will raise the value of any fish caught, including fish caught in a crab pot.

The Fisher profession in Stardew Valley provides 25% increase to the value of all fish. When you choose the Fisher profession, all fish values are increased by 25%.

Trapper cuts down on resources needed for the Crab Pot crafting which simply means that,it changes the materials needed to make crab pots, which can be filled with bait and used to catch specific types of fish.

Fisher would be a better choice between them, as you can get 1500g Crab Pots and a lot more for that amount. The possibility to find a treasure is always thrilling, so naturally, a lot will opt for it.

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Fisherman, when taken along with Angler, allows you to buy crab pots for 1,500g with ease, although fisherman + Pirate is not an awful idea, and will make the Treasure Chests pop up a little more frequently.

Foraging Professions

Foraging Professions stardew
stardew professions

Forester vs Gatherer

The Forester profession becomes available to Stardew Valley players after reaching Level 5 of Foraging. If players pick the Forester profession and reach level ten in foraging, they will have an opportunity to pick from two other professions.

The Gatherer profession allows a player to double their profits by gathering twice as much forage as they normally would. Gatherer is, without doubt, a better choice of profession to take on in the beginning game, as the profits gained by the double boost could greatly aid a player’s progression.

When the player has reached Level 10, he or she can place themselves in Botanist to harvest items. When a player of the forester profession cuts down the most trees.

He is able to harvest the maximum amount of Hardwood compared to the tapper profession which makes 25% maximum syrup when it is selling out all Hardwood.

When the forester player chopped down more trees than he can able to grow more hardwoods as compared to the other profession makes the syrup of 25 % most when he sold out all the hardwoods. So, we would go with Forester as it gives the wood bonus and much more.

Mining Professions

Mining Professions stardew
stardew professions

Miner vs Geologist

Once you reach Level 5, you are presented with careers to choose from, you can go with Miner or Geologist. If you originally chose the Miner profession, then one of the options that you will be given at level 10 to pick from is Blacksmith. 

If you decide to become a Geologist, what this does is that while you are mining gems, there is a chance that you might be able to obtain a second in that same rock, so two for the price of one.

Assuming that you want the benefits in the game pretty much right away, at this point, choosing Geologist is a better way because it will get you extra minerals. If you want to get an early advantage in Stardew Valley, then picking Geologist is the best option since it will get you extra mineral. 

If you choose to play as a miner, you will get +1 Ore for every vein you mine. Every vein you mine, will give you a single additional ore. All of these things are going to be extremely helpful, whether this is in the early game or the late game. 

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Once you unlock perks for a Geologist job, you will see that the Perks are better with the Miner job consistency. While the Miner profession may get the game going faster early on, the Geologist profession is still going to be helpful until very late.

The Miner profession has a direct effect on Stardew Valley, whereas the risks that the Geologist profession offers pay off far more handsomely than that of Miner. This makes the Miner profession less worthwhile than the Geologist, as Gems will always have value, and are among the townsfolks favourite gifts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Which profession is better Combat Stardew Valley?

Anybody who makes advantage of their distinctive moves will benefit from the acrobat profession. It will halve the time required for these actions to calm down. By selecting the Desperado Career, you can lead the life of an outlaw from the Wild West. Because of this, critical hits deal extra harm.

What’s better artisan or agriculturist?

The Artisan Profession has been the foundation upon which entire empires have been constructed, and players overwhelmingly favour it. Level 10 also offers the option of Agriculturist. Crops grow 10% more quickly as a result of this skill. This is nice, but Artisan is a superior option because it can be accomplished using fertiliser.

Should I choose Miner or Geologist?

Geologist is the best option if you find yourself short of money early on. Your career choice should be based on your goals. No of where you are in the game, having extra ore will always be valuable. If you want results right away, pick Miner.

What profession is good for foraging Stardew?

Gatherer at Level 5 and Botanist at Level 10 are the two best foraging professions. Particularly with raising pigs, this is true. These Pigs will always discover iridium-quality truffles, and 20% of the time, the player will find two truffles rather than one.

What profession makes the most money Stardew Valley?

Artisan. The outstanding career of artisan in Stardew Valley offers greater rewards than most other professions in the game. It creates 40% more artisanal goods.

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