How To Get Shiny Buneary in Pokemon Go?

Buneary is a Normal-type Pokemon that was introduced in the Sinnoh arc in the anime. It is a brown-colored bunny brown with yellow-cream fluffs on its ears. Buneary evolves into a speedy Lopunny and gets additional Fighting-type tropes in its Mega form.

Hailing from Generation 4, Buneary in Pokemon Go has a max CP of 1,423 with Attack 130, Defence 105, and Stamina 146.

The strongest combo is Pound and Swift (6.51 DPS) although Fire Punch is a more preferred Charge Move for critical hits on Leaf types. It is vulnerable to Fighting types but resilient against Ghost types.

Similar to other Sinnoh types, there’s a Shiny Buneary in Pokemon Go. YouTuber ADrive captured one during his first encounter, back in 2019.

The odds of getting a Shiny Benary in Pokemon Go are said to be 1/450. Fortunately, there have been several events that assisted Trainers in obtaining the fan-favourite bunny.

3 Ways To Get Shiny Buneary in Pokemon Go

shiny buneary
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A Shiny Buneary can be easily identified. Instead of its usual yellow fluffs, its ears are pink. Shinies also have a magic-like, three-star symbol after their name during an encounter. Watch out for such marks while hunting.

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It’s possible to get a Shiny Buneary during random hunts in Pokemon Go. In fact, trainers have also encountered a Shiny Lopunny. The hunt for Shinies (i.e., stacking up on items like Lures, Pokeballs,) is mostly reserved for special events.

Trainers need to wait until the next Spotlight Hour to have maximum chances of obtaining a Shiny Buneary in Pokemon Go. Spotlight Hours are unique events in which the scheduled Pokemon has a boosted spawn rate along with bonuses such as Double Candy, Double Stardust, or Extra Experience.

The last Buneary Spotlight Hour was held on April 6, 2021, with the special bonus being 2x Transfer Candy. At the same time, Mega Lopunny featured in the Mega Raids. It remains to be seen when Buneary is in the spotlight again as the next one is Doduo.

Pokemon Go also celebrated the Year of the Rabbit this year by holding a Lunar New Year Special Event this January. The odds of encountering a Shiny Buneary in the wild were increased. Moreover, completing the Field Research Tasks during the Lunar New Year event often ended up with a Shiny Buneary popping up.

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The next Lunar New Year will be on February 10, 2024, in which Dragon-type Pokemon are believed to occur more frequently.

Why Choose Buneary in Pokemon Go?

Buneary has moderate stats and could hold its own in Team Rocket Go Battles as well as assist in Gym Battles. Nonetheless, it is best known in the Pokemon Go community for being the rare Fighting-type Mega Pokemon.

50 Buneary Candies are needed to evolve it into a Lopunny. Mega Lopunny can be unlocked with 200 Mega energy and its Energy Cost is 40 and it has a max CP of 4234, with Attack 282 ATK, Defense 214 DEF, and Stamina 163. Double Kick and Hyper Beam (19.88 DPS) is the most used combo although it retains Pound, Low Kick, Fire Punch, Hyper Beam, and Focus Blast.

Apart from Ghost types, Mega Lopunny gets additional resistance against Dark, Bug, and Rock. Ultimate Leaguers need to strategize its use since has various weaknesses as well. It’s a fairly straightforward Pokemon that could counter offensives but it isn’t guaranteed that any investment will pay off.

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