Best Techniques for Landing in BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India is one of the most competitive free-to-play shooter games. Various techniques are used to get an edge in battle, including swapping weapons to increase response time and alternating between standing and crouching to avoid headshots.

Most of the tricks resort to landing in BGMI since a good start means being one step closer to getting a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

100 players board the plane and scatter in all parts of the map during the landing phase. Take note of the plane’s trajectory on the map as it determines the concentration of players that land at a particular place. For example, there will be more players to encounter if you land closer to the flight route.

That being said, it is better to choose a landing spot that is closer to the flight route as these regions are usually unaffected by the first three Blue Zones.

If choosing an area with a high density of loot like Military Base and Pochinki in the Erangel Map, landing as soon as possible becomes important as the first team will get hold of weapons and eliminate those who are still clinging to their parachutes.

Best Landing in BGMI
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Here are some tricks to land quickly in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

The 10 O’Clock method

Ideally, to use this method, choose a drop location that is at a distance of 800 meters or lower. Pinpointing the drop location is simple – click on the map on the preset top-right side and place the marker by tapping on the place you want to land.

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As soon as you jump out of the plane, immediately pull your joystick at 135° or 45°. To simplify, drag the joystick North-East or South-East considering that pulling it up means the North side.

While at it, swipe your screen/aim downwards completely. The drop location should be either on the left side while using the 135-degree angle or on the right side while using the 45-degree angle.

The highest speed that a player can achieve while landing is 234 km/hr. Maintain that speed until the parachute opens on the screen.

Deploying the parachute

The parachute opens automatically after a player hits the 300m altitude mark. Avoid opening it too soon as it will delay the landing time and players that have landed could use you as target practice.

On a separate note, some players jump and open parachutes instantly. They let go of the joystick such that the character remains in the air for a good three-to-five minutes. These are basic strategies for survivalists rather than aggressive players.

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After successfully completing the 10 O’Clock method and at the parachuting phase, drag the joystick from the 135-degree angle to a 90-degree angle.

In short, move the joystick upwards. Land near guns to immediately get on the offensive with your teammates and eliminate that are still arriving players without letting them settle down.

BGMI Guide
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Skipping the landing animation

BGMI developers invested a lot of time in making the landing animation in the battle royale game. You could either go along with it and do a cool rollout or skip the animation to gain precious few seconds.

When being close to landing, skip the animation by clicking the punch button repeatedly. This will instantly get the character on their feet and allow looting. Professional players often use this tactic in hot-drop areas.

Places beyond 800 meters

In the case of areas that are exceptions to the 10 o’clock rule due to their distance, use an alternate method. Drag your joystick to 90° after jumping out from the plane. Make sure that the aim is not downwards but rather upwards. This will guarantee maximum distance coverage.

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When being just 800 meters away from the desired location, follow the 10 o’clock method. Drag your joystick to a 135° angle or 45° angle and swipe down. Once again, direct the parachute as aforementioned and skip the landing animation. You will be at an advantage compared to your enemies.