Better Discord – How To Install Plugins And Themes (2022)

Discord is one of the most popular communication communities especially for gamers that allow you to talk to your friends and some random strangers who has the same interest as you such as gaming. But the platform lacks lots of terms such as customization along with a boring UI based interface.

Well, you can easily able to fix this using the similar app known as the BetterDiscord. The app is way too similar to the original and has lots of options for customization along with dynamic UI based interfaces and with this the discord users can able to download discord themes and plugins. Its must-have platform because of the custome themes and plugins for the discord. Lets get started with betterdiscord and how to use it.

What is Better Discord?

BetterDiscord is an client modification or we can say extension for the Discord Application that allows discord users to download and install discord themes and plugins as they perfer which cannot possible on the discord. Because discord does not support custom themes and plugins.

In this better discord plays an important role to provide cutomizied themes and plugins to the discord users. Due to the mulitple features including themes, plugins, capbilities and customization better discord become of the best alternative to the Discord app.

In this short guide we are going to explain how you can use the better discord app to download and install the themes, plugins along with other useful features that you can use on this platform.

Benefits of BetterDiscord?

There are multiple features that better discord owned which you cannot able to find on the Discord platform. However these are some of the important features that we highlighted here.

  • Allow users to customize themes.
  • Get Custom Plugins and Add-on
  • Enable users to create their own themes and plugins
  • You can get access to the Minimal Mode
  • CSS Editor for the debugging and basic UI tweaking
  • developer friendly utilties

How To Install Better Discord?

To get access to the Better Discord you needed to install its application. In case if you don’t know proper steps of installation then don’t worry just go through below given step by step instructions to better understand the entire process of better dicord installation without having a hassle.

Step 1:

Go to the web browser on your device and enter the following web address – and hit enter button. Once the website fully accessable download the latest version of the BetterDiscord app.

Step 2:

After this, Run the setup and accept the licence agreement to start the installation process. Tap on the “Install Better Discord” given under the choose an action.

Step 3:

Select the location for the directory where you perfer to install the orginal app. Now both applications are linked together however you needed to restart your computer once the installtion finished.

Now you’ve understand the entire process of installing the Better Discord application. After this now we move to the next step in which you will to discuss how you can easily able to download the themes and puglins on Better Discord without having a hassle.

Download Themes on Better Discord

When you’ve sucessfully install the Better Discord app on your computer now it’s time to understand the process to how you can download the discord customize themes without having a hassle.

Follow the below-given step by step instructions to know entire process of downloading and installing the themes from Better Discord in a mintue.

Step 1:

Fistly open the Better Discord app on your computer and then go to the BetterDiscord themes directory and browser and download the Discord themes that you prefer to use.

Step 2:

After this move the downloaded file to


Well you can also able to locate the folder by going to the path Discord>User Settings>Themes>Open Themes Folder

Step 3:

Now you needed to go the Discord>User Settings>Themes and activte the selected theme.

Now you understand the process for downloading and installing the Discord themes using the Better Discord wihtout having a hassle. Now move to the next in which we are going to discuss on how you can able to download the Discord Puglings without having a hassle.

Download Plugins For Discord?

If you wanted to know how you can download and instal the discord plugins within few mintues then. Just follow below given step by step instructions to understand the entire process.

Step 1:

Go to the BetterDiscord Plugins Directory and then download the Discord Plugins that you wanted to enable and use.

Step 2:

After this move the download file to the below given location on your PC.


Well you can also find the folder on this location – Discord>User Settings>Plugins>Open Plugins Folder

Step 3:

Now you have to navigate to the Discord>User Settings>Plugins and activtie the plugin.

Some of the Discord Plugins requried addtional directory plugins so you need to setup a new directory on your computer system instead the default one.

How do I change Discord theme?

To change the Discord Theme you need to navigate to User Setting>App Settings>Appearance. You can also select (Dark and Light themes with  Cozy and Compact messages)

How to Get Better Discord Themes and Plugins?

Once you installed the BetterDiscord app on your computer. Then you can get better discord themes on BetterDiscord Themes Directory. In which the the popular and best themes are filtered.

Is BetterDiscord Secure To Use?

BetterDiscord is secure to use the source codes availble on this platform is often verifed by the Better Discord Team. However beaware to use some features that can violates Discord TOS.

Can u get banned for using better Discord?

Better Discord is one of the best alternaitves for the Discord platform to get more advanced themes and plugins. However if you violates the Discord ToS then you can get banned using Better Discord.

Hopefully you find this short guide useful to better understand the entire process of downloading and installing the Better Discord Themes and Plugins without having a hassle. Moreover if you have any issues regarding the Better Discord then feel free to contact us via the comment box. We will try our best to reslove your issue as soon as possbile.

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