Funny Discord Names: 150+ Name Ideas (May 2022)

Discord is a gaming chat application. It allows you to implement a large number of customizations to make your experience better. If you are familiar with discord then you may know that, You can use different names on every server on discord. This feature helps you to identify best suited for a particular server. On the contrary, if you can not seem to find the best name to use. Then, you do not need to worry. Here you will find the Discord name collection. 

What is a Discord username?

Before going to know about the funny discord name. Let’s know about what is a discord. Discord allows you different individuals to message each other. And by the discord username other users on Discord will identify you. But, Discord users cannot be able to find you using this name.

The reason behind this is your Discord name is not unique. Moreover, any other user of discord can use the same character or name which you are using as your username. Further, if you want to make your username unique. Then you can add a 4 digit tag along with the name. So, by adding this, users can search your name easily. Because the tag with your username is unique. 

How to Set your username on Discord?

Let’s know about how to set your name on Discord. 

Step 1: 

First, Install Discord and open the application. 

Step 2: 

You will get an option to register a new account. If you already have an account on the Discord then log in to it.

Step 3: 

If you want to register a new account then, enter the email, username, and password. 

You can also open Discord on your browser and press ‘Login’. After this follow the same steps. 

After creating your account, you can set your username as per your choice. Along with this, you can also change the username whenever you want. 

How to change your name on Discord

Yes, you can change your username on Discord. Follow the steps to do so. 

Step 1: 

First you have to type ‘/nick’ into the text box. 

Step 2:  

Now, you have to press the spacebar or ‘Tab’ key. 

Step 3: 

Type your unique username which you want to save. 

You have known the basic concepts of Discord. Now, you can choose a funny Discord name. A list is given below. Read it and Mix and match, add emojis, modify letters with your username. 

Funny Discord Names List

Here’s the list of some funny discord names. You can also add some other names to make it unique. 

1. king_0f_dairy_queen

2. big_mamas_house

3. kiss-my-axe

4. herpes_free_since_03

5. Crap_bag

6. We_Were_On_A_Break

7. PrincessConsuelaBananaHammock

8. You_ate_my_sandwich

9. dildo_swaggins


11. big_mamas_house

12. hanging_with_my_gnomies

13. Couch_Potato



16. Lost_cause

17. An_Idiot

18. Ice_cream_sandwich

19. johnny_english

20. piece_of_cake

21. Happy_Meal

22. Jumbo_Dumbo

23. Bloop


25. Toast

26. Mr.Meddle

27. Lemon

28. Peanut

29. crapulence

30. manhole

Good Discord Names

1 .Wolowizard

2. Aquaman

3. Autumn

4. iron_man

5. Hulk

6. DJ

7. Loki 

8. Batman

9. Superman

10. Flying jet

11. WonderWoman

12. Supercute

13. Agel

14. Danger

15. Jessica_Jones

16. Supergirl

17. Aquaman

18. Fairy

19. Kitty

20. Lovely

21. Devil

22. Cuckoo

23. Autumn

24. Villain

25. Master

Cool Discord Names

1 . Fire

2. Ice

3. Fog

4. Rain

5. Amazing

6. Fabulous

7. Captain

8. Wrestler

9. Coolgirl

10. CoolGuy

11. Champion

12. Victory

13. Boxer

14. Nemo

15. Ninja

16. Rockstar

17. Mystic

18. Blank

19. Pearl

20. Rocket

21. Krystal

22. Sparrow

23. Scooby

24. Familyguy

25. Partner

Clever Discord Names

1 . Unknown

2. Ghost

3. Hero

4. The_Government

5. X-Men

6. Strange_Thing

7. Chef

8. Saving_the_day

9. Pilot


11. Saviour

12. Comedian

13. Enlightened

14. Lost_soul

15. Lifesaver


17. Enlightened

18. Comedian

19. Chef



22. Bazinga

23. Rocket

24. Anonymous

25. Iconic

Best Discord Names

1 . Dark_Knight

2. Catfish

3. Snake

4. Egel 

5. Lion 

6. Thor

7. Catfish

8. Phoenix

9. Storm

10. JohnnieWalker

11. Werewolf

12. big_hero

13. Killer

14. gaybestfriend

15. poemsporn

16. girlwithnojob

17. collectiveworld

18. American_failure

19. betches

20. DateMe

21. BetterThanYou

22. DoNotLeaveMe

23. I_was_a_mistake

24. Werewolf


How To Change Discord Server Names

You have got a collection of new usernames after reading the above. For your battles between servers, Pick any of these names or add your own ideas to make them unique of your choice to create a cool Discord server name. 

If you want to change the Discord server’s name follow these steps mentioned below.:

Step 1: 

First, right click on the which is shown on the left side of the screen. 

Step 2: 

Go to ‘Server Settings’ then ‘Overview’

Step 3: 

Now, enter the name in the ‘server name’ textbox.

Step 5: 

Last,Save the changes.