How To Make Smoker In Minecraft? (Step-by-Step)

Crafting in Minecraft is always cool as ever. You can craft and repair multiple items in this block game with less effort. Such as crafting a Shift in Minecraft using the wooden block or repeating a bow and much more stuff.

Similarly Crafting the Smoker in Minecraft is also fun and you can easily craft it without having much hassle if you know the process steps. In this short guide, I am sharing the steps I used in order to build Minecraft Smoker in no time.

Firstly, for those players who don’t know much about Minecraft Smoker. In simple words, the Smoker in Minecraft is similar to the Furnace that you can use to cook edible food in the game.

How to Build A Smoker In Minecraft?

how to make smoker in Minecraft

Building the Smoker in Minecraft is not hard you can easily craft it with the correct required materials.

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Ingredients Were Need To Craft Smoker?

In order to craft the Smoker in Minecraft, all you need are as follows.

1. Furnace

2. Four Wooden Logs

3. Crafting Table

In order to craft Furnace in Minecraft you need to collect a minimum of 8 cobblestones once you have them.

how to craft a furnace in Minecraft
how to build a furnace in Minecraft

Simply open the Crafting Menu and make a 3×3 grid in which place the Cobblestone and make sure to leave the center cell empty as shown in the given screenshot. After placing Cobblestones correctly you will get the Furance to move them to the inventory.

You can get the Wooden Logs by cutting the tree using the Axe and you will get the Wooden Log.

In order to craft the Crating Table and in order to craft it. Place the four wooden blocks in a 2×2 crafting grid and you will get the Crafting Table.

Once you have all three ingredients you are ready to craft the Smoker in the Minecraft game. Follow the below given step-by-step instructions in order to craft it.

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1. Open the Crafting Table and make a 3×3 gird.

2. Place the recently, created Furnace in the middle of the gird.

crafting smoker in minecraft
how to make smoker in minecraft

3. Now, Place the 4 Wooden Logs around the furnace in the shape of the Diamond (as shown in the screenshot).

4. If you place Furance and Wooden Logs correctly, You will get the Smoker as the result and you can move it to the inventory.

For visual information watch this video.

Use of the Minecraft Smoker

Smokers in Minecraft are useable same as the furnaces and the blast furnace. The Minecraft players will first need to fill the smoker with some fuel such as Coal, wood and coal blocks all these fuels can be used in the Minecraft Smoker to cook food faster.

Once you added the fuel to the smoker then you needed to add the food that you wanted to cook such as the raw meat to the beef of the cows in the plains in the biome Minecraft along with the smokers.

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Some of the Facts About Minecraft Smoker

Similarly to furnaces, while the smoker is cooking the meal, it will emit level 13 light into the surrounding region.

A smoker found alongside a Minecraft villager that is unemployed has the potential to convert one of the villagers into a butcher.

This is the end of this short guide, Hopefully, you find this article helpful for more similar articles don’t forget to read our Minecraft Guides such as how to breed Villagers in Minecraft and Crafting the Fletching Table in the Minecraft game.

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