Black Ops 3 Zombies: Update Der Eisendrache Ancient Bow Guide

Wrath of the Ancients is considered an extremely powerful and deadly weapon in Black Ops 3, and the bow starts with a total of 60 arrows. 

I have prepared a guide below for players to know how they can get to the wrath of the ancients and then be able to upgrade it further.

Locations for the Black Ops 3 Der Eisendrache Ancient Bows

der eisendrache bows
Image via Steamcommunity

Below is the information on der eisendrache bows in Black Ops 3:

The name of the Wonder weapon also calls the Wrath of the Ancient as it is very powerful. The weapon is built of bones and can fire flame-tipped arrows toward enemies.

The bow can hold an ammunition capacity of a total of 60 arrows. Hold the trigger button if you want to charge the arrows before firing them.

In the battle with Panzer, this weapon can be very effective, thanks to its flame-tipped arrows, which cause major damage to the enemy.

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The good thing about this is that it causes no harm to the weapon user upon explosion, making it very efficient and effective.

How to Get to the Wrath of the Ancients?

To get to the bow, players need to acquire 3 stone dragons with themselves on the map and continue to kill anyone they find in the area for the stone dragon to come alive.

Once you’ve made all three dragon stones alive, it is time to go to the Knight’s Tomb and acquire the bow. The bow can be further upgraded to four special bows, each with unique specifications.

They all vary in style and also have different shots. The names of the 4 upgraded bows are Demon gate, Rune Prison, Wolf Howl, and the storm.