NBA 2K23: Courting Calloway Answers, Rewards, and more

Claim Shoes in NBA 2k23 by completing Courting Calloway Quest. It’s a basketball game, but it has some quests that help you to claim rewards like in Courting Calloways Answers will get you shoes.

In the process of becoming the king of the city, you have to participate in a few challenges, and at the end of it, you will receive rewards. The challenges will check your knowledge of fashion. 

The Courting Calloway Quest Answer won’t be difficult for you if you are a fashion nerd, especially for clothing and shoes. In the Courting Calloway Quest, you need to tackle three questions.

If you are just playing basketball and don’t have a clue, do not worry, you won’t miss the Unique NBA 2k23 Shoes, we have listed Courting Calloway Answer here in this guide. 

NBA 2K23 Courting Calloway
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NBA 2K23: Courting Calloway Answers, Rewards, and more

After completing “Welcome to the League”, the new quest is waiting for you, Courting Calloway Quest. Where you need to visit, Audrey Louise Reynolds.  During NBA 2k23 Courting Calloway Quest you may have to interact with Yolanda and Sabine, Sneakerheads. \

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In the city you will notice them and encounter them, they have a series of questions for you to answer. The quest will be available for you in MyCareer Mode. 

The Courting Calloway Answers won’t be that hard if you know about shoe brands and all. They will ask three different questions, it will be a multiple-choice answer, and you have to select the right one from that option. 

We have listed Courting Calloways Questions and answers here, now, you just have to click on the right answers in the quest. 

1.Who makes the Birkin Bag?

Ans. Hermes

2.Which shoe company was the first one to introduce a microchip into theri sneakers? 

Ans. Adidas

3.What did Nike logo originally intend to convey with its look and style?

Ans. Motion

Further, in this quest, there are a series of challenges for you to complete. After the Q&A session, there is one challenge, the Free Throw challenge. 

Free Throw Challenge

In the Free Throw challenge, you have to make 5 free throws in one go, the challenge will bring Air Jordan III OG or the Air Jordan VIII Rui. Further in this challenge, you have to face the Free Throw Golf challenge too. 

The City Map Marker

During this quest, you have to wear the clothes, which you earned as a reward in the quest such as shoes and pants. 

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The City will provide Map Markers that help you to reach your next destination to complete the quest. 

  • Put on the pants from Keon and shoes from Yolanda and Sabine
  • Visit Aundrey Louies Reynolds in her studio
  • Find the influencer, Madison Sea in the city
  • Follow Madison Sea to Multiple Dance Location
  • Monitor Social Media to assess the promotion effectiveness
  • Read message from Audrey Louise Reynolds
  • Play a NBA game while waiting for the message from Audrey Louise Reynolds
  • Collect your new MP shirt from Audrey Louise Reynolds 
  • Wear MP shirt and Promote in the city
  • Participate in a fashion walk on the City Runway. 
  • Skate continuously around the city for two minutes
  • Put on the shoes from Yolanda and Sabine, the pants from Keon, and your custom MP shirt
  • Visit Audrey Louise Reynolds in her studio.
  • Meet Tyler Herro at Moss Point to explore stylish accessories.
  • Check in with Mila and Ashley at One City Plaza for promotional opportunities.
  • Put on Yolanda and Sabine’s shoes, Keon’s pants, Tyler Herro’s shades, and your custom MP shirt.
  • Perform a pre-game fashion walk.
  • Find Nicole Ramone from T’d Up in the Tunnel to discuss the collaboration with Audrey Louise Reynolds.
  • Continue playing NBA games while the hype machine builds up for your collaboration.
  • Monitor social media to gauge the reception of your interview with Nicole Ramone.
  • Play NBA games as Ashley and Mila work on securing a second meeting with Calloway Shields.
  • Head to the arena to meet with Calloway Shields during pregame.
  • Speak to Audrey Louise Reynolds while waiting for Calloway.
  • Keep playing NBA games until it’s time to film Calloway’s Court in three games.
  • Go to City Design Academy to film an episode of Calloway’s Court.
  • Choose between Matt’s or Alex’s design.
  • Continue playing NBA games until Calloway’s Court airs.
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NBA 2k23 Courting Calloway Quest Rewards:

There are a series of activities for you to do in the Calloway Courting quest, as you complete all those tasks you will earn the rewards. At the end of the Calloway Courting Quest, you will have +60000 MVP points, 1500 VC, a game day Jersey, an ALR OUtfit, and finally a Calloway’s Court Outfit. 


In this guide, there are a bunch of activities that you need to perform to complete the Calloway Courting Quest, it will start with a Question and answer from Audrey Louies Reynolds, then Free Five Throws, which will get you rewards, you have to wear those things and head as per the city map makers to complete the further task in NBA 2k23.