Can Froakie be Shiny in Pokemon Go

Not just the most famous Pokemon in Gen 6, but Forakie is the all-time fan favourite. This is why it is the most sought-after Pokemon that fans want to capture.

Finding shiny Pokemon is rare in the Pokemon game because they are different from the normal Pokemon present. The color variations can be minor hue adjustments to completely different palettes. 

If you want to get yourself a shiny Froakie and know how to get one, you are at the right place. As below, I have prepared a guide to answer all your queries.

Froakie Shiny Pokemon Go
pokemon go froakie shiny

How to get Froakie in Pokemon Go 

To obtain Froakie in Pokémon Go, follow these steps:

  • Spin and win the Poke Balls from the PokeStops, along with other rewards and items.
  • Watch for the Pokemon nests, where the froakie may appear.
  • Keep participating in different events and missions where you can earn a froakie as a reward.
  • Froakie can also be hatched from eggs that players can obtain through the PokeStops or gift from their fellow players.
  • Find an existing Pokemon Go community or connect with your friends to exchange Pokemon. If you know someone with an extra Froakie they don’t want, they might offer to trade it for you.
  • Watch the Pokemon Go social media platforms where they could announce a promotion to get a Froakie.  
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Can Froakie be shiny in Pokemon Go?

Many pliers want to know whether or not can a froakie be shiny in Pokemon Go. Unfortunately, a shiny Froakie is not available in Pokemon Go. Fellow Gen 6 starter Pokemon Fenekin and Chepsin, the fellow Froakie Pokemon, have already got their shiny versions. The fans expect a shiny Froakie to come sometime in 2023.