Blasphemous How To Get More Health

As you progress in Blasphemous, the difficulties become more challenging. Dealing with enemy damage is a huge problem. Having a greater health pool can literally save your life! You start the game with a small hp bar in Blasphemous, but by the end it can be two or three times larger if you play your cards right.

So without further ado, here’s an easy technique to increase your maximum health in Blasphemous.

Blasphemous Health
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How to Get Health and Health Flasks Upgrades in Blasphemous

Throughout your journey through the terrifying realm of Blasphemous, you will come across three distinct things relating to your Health and Health Flasks. Chalices, Receptacles, and Crystal Shards are examples.

These three goods can be obtained in treasure chests, as awards, and as store purchases all across the globe. Travel to the City of the Blessed Name if you have gathered one of the things listed above. The actual location of the room is close below the city’s Fast Travel point. There is a lady NPC there who would accept these goods in return for health boosts in Blasphemous:

  • Chalices: By exchanging Chalices, your Health bar will be increased.
  • Receptacles: Receptacles will grant you extra Health Flasks.
  • Crystal Shard: These Crystals will upgrade your Health Flasks, recovering more Health.
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You will be able to obtain these Health enhancements as soon as you gather any of the things listed above, thanks to your ability to fast travel among the various regions of the Blasphemous 2 universe.

As previously said, if you want to survive, you must improve your health and healing powers. Enemies will grow in strength and will not hesitate to kill you with a single hit. To escape taking damage, use your Flasks and improve your dashing and parrying abilities.

You’ll be able to boost your overall health bar as well as increase the amount of bile flasks you have and their potency. You must first locate the Lady of the Six Sorrows. Every time you encounter her, she will increase your maximum health.

That’s how to get health and health flask upgrades in Blasphemous as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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