Blasphemous How To Increase Flasks

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In Blasphemous, there are several ways to improve the Penitent One, with your Bile Flasks being one of the most important. There are various improvements you may target to get all you want and then some out of your bile flasks, whether you want to remain in confrontations longer than previously or enjoy the extra … Read more

Blasphemous Hall Of The Dawning Guide

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Blasphemous has a lot to do, which is nothing new for Souls-like games. Players can spend hours looking down and defeating all of the game’s secret items. An average playthrough of the game may take at least 20 hours, so when taking up Blasphemous, gamers should be prepared for a long haul. This is especially … Read more

Blasphemous How To Get More Health

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As you progress in Blasphemous, the difficulties become more challenging. Dealing with enemy damage is a huge problem. Having a greater health pool can literally save your life! You start the game with a small hp bar in Blasphemous, but by the end it can be two or three times larger if you play your … Read more

Blasphemous How to Get True Ending

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Blasphemous requires more than just defeating the last boss if you want to see the genuine ending. It is not sufficient to merely finish a game in the great tradition of hardcore single player video games with extensive exploration. Such as Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and others. The mysteries that are … Read more