Blasphemous How to Get True Ending

Blasphemous requires more than just defeating the last boss if you want to see the genuine ending. It is not sufficient to merely finish a game in the great tradition of hardcore single player video games with extensive exploration.

Such as Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and others. The mysteries that are preventing you from genuinely finishing the game must be found; they have been staring them in the face for the majority of the game. And it’s really simple to miss them.

To help you get the true ending, just scroll down to get our complete true ending guide. Once you know the secret, it doesn’t take a whole lot of explaining — it might take you a while to finish though. Beating the various challenges requires lots of skill. Thankfully, you can finish the game and easily go back for the second ending.

Blasphemous is a darker version of Dark Souls, a creepy side-scrolling metroidvania featuring tough gameplay mechanics akin to the Soulsborne series. There are gigantic enemies to overcome, as well as a sinister streak of religious-tinged backstory meant to frighten us out. The awful conclusion is also shockingly grim, so seeing another interpretation of events is welcome.

blasphemous tips
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How To Get The True Ending 

Here’s how to get the true ending:

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Transform The Immaculate Bead Into The Weight Of True Guilt

The Immaculate Bead is a rosary bead you can equip that absorbs guilt when you die. The bead is located in the Brotherhood of Silent Sorrows area, near one of the guilt absolving statues.

Destroy The Guilt Absolving Statues & Complete The Dream Challenges

These statues are used to circumvent having to recollect your corpse location. Instead of using them, you need to destroy them — smashing the statues reveals a red circle on the ground.

Defeat The Final Boss

Once all of the challenges are complete and all the spots are sanctified, return to the final boss and defeat it a second time to witness the true ending.

So that’s how to get the true ending in Blasphemous as I’ll see you in the next guide.