Bloodborne PC Verison Release Date (2022)

Its Confirm Bloodborne Coming To PC Version. The Release Date will be soon update

Bloodborne PC Version: The Bloodborne is one of the popular video games of the PlayStation. Almost every PS4 ower once plays it because it’s one of the best role-playing games. Currently, the game is only available for Playstation. For ages, the PC players were requesting a PC version of the Bloodborne, and recently Playstation released a statement regarding more video games to the PC version especially the first-party games.

Well, the release date of the Bloodborne has been leaked on the internet. However, the release date was not confirmed by Sony & Playstation until now. In case if you a new here and don’t know about the amazing game called Bloodborne then here is a short definition of it.

What is Bloodbrone?

Bloodborne is a role-playing video game that was released on March 15, 2015, by Sony & Computer Entertainment. However, the game was released for only PlayStation 4. However, you can also play it on PlayStation 5 using this method.

The game is played from a third-person preselection and interface and features similar to the Souls series of games. The gameplay of Bloodborne is based on the hunter that moves from one location to another and while battling many enemies in the decrepit Gothic world of Yharnam.

Now, seems the Bloodborne is finally coming to the PC version.

Evidence of Bloodborne’s Arrival on PC

XboxEra is a Youtube channel that uploads videos and podcasts related to the gaming industry. Here in this video at the 1:31:13 mark, Nick Baker speaks about the Bloodborne PC port and confirms it will soon arrive in 2022. Now you know the production of the Bloodborne PC version is already done then in a matter of time it will be released.

However, we don’t have any hard proof that the production of Bloodborne has the PC port has been done. Because Sony did not release any game trailer or the poster of the game nor there is a leak about this game release date.

This simply means, currently we don’t have the release date of the game, But according to the sources the game will be soon released within a few months in 2022. From a recent leak, it was confirmed that developers were working on the Bloodborne remaster along with the Bloodborne remaster for the PlayStation 5.

Bloodborne PC Leak Confirmation

As we know the Nick Baker is one of the reputed as the leaker and if he said the Bloodborne PC Port is done then we can believe his word. The PC player were waiting for the PC version of the Bloodborne since the release of the PlayStation 4 version. And if the developer has their hands on the PC Port then we can believe that game will be arriving soon with dynamic features and interface.

Bloodborne PC Port

As per Sony’s recent statement about releasing more third-person video games to the PC and recent leaks about confirm it. Such as the Ghost of Tsushima PC version rumored to be leaked along with the God of War PC version rumored to be released soon. If Bloodborne is not published on PC, it would be even more unexpected. The current rumors of a Bloodborne sequel also indicate that the franchise is popular, which suggests that the time is ideal for a PC port.

How To Play Bloodborne On PC without Port

Still, you can play Bloodborne on PC and you don’t believe it’s really simple, the Bloodborne is on PC Now, and you can access streaming on PC. The PS Now, is Sony’s very own game streaming service which allows players to stream games from Playstation and PC by this PC players can easily able to play PS3 and PS4 games from their personal computer.

To use the PS Now you only need its subscription plan and for this, you must own a PSN account. As a new player, you can get the 7 days free PS Now Trial which is enough time for you to complete the Bloodborne, or else you can simply pay 10€ a month or 60€ a year. If you own a stable internet connection then you can play this game using the controller. Because who wants to play Bloodborne with Mouse and Keyword if you can use Controller.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Question

These are some frequently asked questions related to the Bloodborne PC Version with complete explanation by our experts.

Is there a PC version of bloodborne?

The rumors confirm that Bloodborne Version production is completed and soon be released. The Neck Baker one of the reputable leakers confirms that the Bloodborne PC Port is completed.

How do you download bloodborne on PC?

Currently, there are two ways to play Bloodborne on PC. Firstly you can play Bloodborne on your PC through a PS Now subscription and secondly, you can download and use a PS4 emulator on your computer and play Bloodborne without having a hassle.

Can you play Bloodborne on PC without PS now?

While certain PS Now games, such as Horizon: Zero Dawn, have PC ports, PS Now allows you to play games even if your PC hardware isn’t capable of supporting the port, which is useful if you have sufficiently fast broadband. PS Now is presently the only option to play Bloodborne if you don’t own a Playstation.

Is there a bloodborne emulator?

For the time being, there is the project PCSX4, which is a PS4 emulator that can be used for playing Bloodborne on PC. If your computer does have a native or USB disc slot, the emulator will be able to read an original copy of the game and execute it.

This is the end of this short guide, hopefully, you find this article helpful to know more about the Bloodborne PC version. If you have any questions related to it feel free to ask us through the comment box.

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