Bloodborne PC Release Date, Speculations (2024)

Fromsoftware delivered some of the best action role-playing games such as Elden Ring, Dark Souls and Bloodborne. These games become so popular after the release because of the graphics, sound quality and controller.

The Boolborne also has had a huge fanbase since its release. Most players know this game is similar to Dark Souls and the masterpiece of masochist’s fantasy. Since its release, Boolborne is available for PlayStation 4 only and since the release of the game PC players have been waiting for a Bloodborne PC port.

Sony started taking interest in the PC market as it’s a huge game market until now it’s not migrated with the PlayStation market. For example Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War and Day Gone. There is a massive growth in Sony game revenues due to the PC version.

In 2021 Jim Ryan, an executive at Sony said in a statement.

“Particularly from the latter half of the PS4 cycle, our studios made some wonderful, great games.”

“There’s an opportunity to expose those great games[Exclusives] to a wider audience[PC].”

Sony PC Games Chart
bloodborne pc

So we can expect that more Sony PlayStation games will be available for PC soon in future.

Is Bloodborne PC Port Coming?

There is no official statement or announcement made by Sony until now. If the company working on PC Port or not and when it will release. But with the growth of migration of PlayStation to PC. We can say Bloodborne may soon be available for PC.

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Speculations of Bloodborne PC Port

XboxEra is a Youtube channel that uploads videos and podcasts related to the gaming industry. In this video at the 1:31:13 mark, Nick Baker speaks about the Bloodborne PC port.

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