Tekken 7 Tier list: Best Tekken Characters Ranked (2022)

Tekken 7 Tier list allows you to filter some of the best Tekken Characters without having a hassle. Well you wanted to win in the Tekken and you cannot win the battle combat with weak character. Don’t worry, here in this article we composed a latest tier list of Tekken 7 characters according to their powers and specialties.

What is Tekken 7?

Tekken is a 1vs 1 battle game in which you’ve to fight with the other Tekken character and win the battle. Tekken 7 is an 7th edition of the Tekken game series, that developed and introduced by the Bandai Namco Entertainment. It is hit the gaming market in March 2015 but its has limited number of characters.

However, in 2016 company has released an arcade version called Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, which has all-new characters, items, stages, costumes and much more. These are the new characters in Tekken 7 that you can choose Akuma, Claudio Serafino, Fahkumram, Geese Howard, Gigas, Jack-7, Josie Rizal, Katarina Alves, Kazumi Mishima, Kid Kazuya, Kunimitsu II, Leroy Smith, Lidia Sobieska, Lucky Chloe, Master Raven, Negan Smith, Noctis Lucis Caelum and lastly Shaheen.

Tekken 7 Characters

Tekken 7 Tier List:

Here we have listed some of the best Tekken 7 characters according to their powers and abilities. Moreover, you can go through the tier list to select your favourite character for the battle. The S-Tier carries all the strongest Tekken 7 characters, A-Tier and B-Tier have all the great fighters, C-Tier and D-Tier has hard to control fighter and F-Tier has all the weakest Tekken 7 fighters.


Tekken 7 Characters

The S-Tier carries some of the best and powerful Tekken 7 Characters. In the simple world, the S-Tier has all the powerful characters with high-end damage that you can use for close combat. These all characters are best to get the glory in the Tekken 7, all you need is to master their fighting skills, defence and counterattack abilities and you can win the battle without having an extra hassle.

AkumaThe Akuma is one of the best fighters in the Tekken 7. It is best to dish it. He can strike with high-end damage to the opponent whether you’re leading or falling behind. Moreover, he is one of the hard-to-control fighters because of his skills.
LeroyLeroy is best at striking the opponent. He hit the opponent hard, accurate and safe. All the skills of his make him one of the best fighter in the list.
Geese HowardThe Geese is best to avoid the opponent attacks along with in the same time launch the counter-attacks. He is best in moving and bridge combos his skills allow him to move toward the opponent direction without getting hits.
FahkumramThe Fahkumram is on the top of the strongest fighters. He has strong attacks along with combos to give high-end damage to the opponent. Most of the fighters cannot able to stand against him in terms of long survival.
Devil JinThe Devil Jin is listed in both the offensive and defensive options in the battle combat. You can also use his special skills like the electric attacks that strike with high-end damage to the opponent.
SteveSteve is one of the hard-to-control fighters in the Tekken 7. However, once you master his skills like quick punches and mesmerizing bob and the weaves in place of kicks. Then you can take your opponent without having hassle.
JuliaJulia is also one of the best fighters but you need to master his skills first more likely, she has the best in the counterattack and has some of the hardest skills caps that you need to master in the lab if you wanted to win the battle with her.
MardukThe Marduk is fitted in the rush-down fighters with high-end damage attacks along with multiple moves and combos. Moreover, you can easily push back the opponent with help of Marduk skills along with launch the attack while rushing to the opponent.
PaulPaul is one of the best Tekken 7 characters, he is a popular fighter in the Tekken. He has lots of high-end damage attacks that allow you to reduce the opponent’s health in half in few strikes. Moreover, once you’ve mastered his skills and combos you can take the opponent without having a hassle.


Tekken 7 Ranks

The A-Tier has some of the best characters that are less powerful compare to the S-Tier Tekken characters. Basically, you can choose these characters to get glory in the battle with powerful attacks of high-end damages. You need to master these character skillsets to quickly take down the opponent with strong attacking skills along with defences and their tools.

KazumiKazumi has a lot of similar moves and attacks to Kazuya. She has the best attack moves to damage in close combat. Moreover, she has lots of tools to get close to the opponent. But Kazuya has some best damage combos that Kazumi doesn’t have.
ZafinaZafina has all the defensive tools that you need in close combat. To play with Zafina you need a quick mind, she has some of the best moves with high-end damage along with combos that you need to master.
BobBob is one of the fast fighters just like Lee, He has simple to use combos and attacks that you can easily pick up and play. Moreover, he has lots of quick moves with high-end damage along with close-range combos.
AlisaAlisa has some of the mix-up tools that hit opponents hard with high-end damage. Basically, Alisa is best for dealing long-range damage to the opponent without getting closer to his opponent. You can use his tools as an advantage to reduce the health of the enemies.
GanryuHe has some of the best heavy damage moves which are balanced with his mobility. Moreover, he is slow in speed compare to other characters like Lee. But you can give serious damage to opponent with Ganryu skillset and combos.
LawThe Law is a physical type of fighter which means he has lots of combos of kicks, punches, flips and much more. With his moves, you can strike opponents for high-end dealing along with quickness.
RavenRaven also same fast movement just like the Law, However, you can use Ravan for the safe fight because of his various type of attacks, teleport skills and much more. But she lacks high-end damage.
BryanBryan is also a strong character with numerous types of attacks. In the battle, if you mastered the Bryan skills then you can easily increase his viability to get into close combat with an opponent for dealing high-end damage
MiguelMiguel has some variety of attacks along with a combination of his slow movement.
Jack 7Jack is best at dealing with the high-end damage to the opponent. However, you need to know his skillsets along with combos that allow you to deliver damage to the opponent from both close and on the range.
XiaoyuShe can easily able to throw the opponent off in the battle with his powerful attacks, which also includes backflips just like Law. Xiaoyu also has various combos that can easily reduce the opponent’s health bar to half. Moreover, she is good at defence.
ShaheenShaheen has various tools to take on any opponent in the battle. However, it hard to master his skills and combos for most of the players. He is a great pocket along with the counter attacker but he lacks a variety of attacks.
DragunovDragunov is best to take on an opponent in close combat. He also lots of powerful attacks that can reduce the opponent’s health bar to half in few strikes. Moreover, his combos are also strong and can deal some high-end damage to the opponent.


Tekken 7

The B-Tier has the same Tekken 7 Characters as the A-Tier but these characters have less power or lack in defence and counterattack compare to A-Tier characters. Basically, with these Tekken characters, you can only win the battle if you’ve lots of experience with them about their powers and special attacks.

KingKing is best to delivers high-end damage to the opponent. He has heavy dealing strikes that well in the close combat. Moreover, he also has some of the opponent grabbing moves that recan hit opponent hard. But you need to know about technical stuff like timing, spacing and positioning.
HwoarangHwoarang is a long rang fighter, He has some of the best kick combos along with punches. You can use this puches and kicks combos in the close range also to deal some heavy damage to the opponent.
LeeLee has a large variety of moves, he s not fast as other fighters in Tekken 7. Moreover, he has some powerful attacks that you’ve to master for taking advantages in close combat
KazuyaKazuya is also one of the best fighters who high-damage moves. However, the variety of his moves leaves him open for the opponent’s attacks. However, you can manage to deal with his attacks then you can easily master his skillset.
ClaudioThe Claudio is a middle-range fighter in Tekken 7 Tier list. Basically, he baiting enemies with his motion and push them back when the opponent is ready to attack. Moreover, one of his special attacks is Starburst that more useful in close combats
HeihachiHeihachi is a well-known character in Tekken 7. He has some of the heavy damage attacks that can easily take down an opponent in few strikes. Moreover, Heihachi also has a variety of powers and combos that can be useful in both close and long-range battles.
NinaShe is a long-range fighter, Nina has a variety of long combos that can be very offensive. Moreover, she as hard to learn skill cap but once have mastered it you can easily take the opponent with his numbers combos and long range attacks.
AnnaAnna has almost same attacks and combos as Nina. She also has the long range combos that can gives to the opponent a high-end damage.
NeganHe is a fast striking fighter, Negan has a variety of the moves and attacks. Which helps him to get close to the opponent and deliver some high-end damage without having a hassle.


Tekken 7 Tier List

The C-Tier carries some of the great fighters of Tekken 7. All these Tekken 7 Characters are best in striking attacks along with defense. However, they are hard to control in the battle, you need to master their skills and combos in the lab to give some serious damage to the opponent in the combat.

LeoLeo also a great fighter, he has some of the fast moves. That can be utilized in long combos with several hits. However, after his attack he quite open to counterattacks. Basically, he is a lack in the defence along with long-range battle skills
FengThe Feng Wei is an outstanding fighter with all skills required for the battle. However, his combos and strike attack are not stable that can fix if you’re a better experience playing with Feng.
JosieJosie is also massive damage dealing fighter. She has easily to use combos and attack
LarsLars has one of the best-attacking combos in the entire game. You can say that he is the quickest move with high-end damage. But only experienced gamers can only able to play with him.


Tekken 7 ranking

The D-Tier has all the Tekken Characters that are stratified to play and have some strong moves. However, they are lack some points compare to the high-tier characters. Moreover, The character listed in this tier is not strong enough to take on high-tier players in the battle without mastering their skills.

Characters like Yoshimitsu and Gigas are stronger than you thought but you need to master their skills and combos. Yoshimitsu is perfect for long-range attacks. You can easily hit the opponent with his high-end attacks without getting closer to the opponent.

YoshimitsuYoshimitsu is the only character in the entire game who has the longest-range attack using his sword. He also high-end damage attack along with combos. But he lacks defences and close combats. You need to master his skills to win the battle
PandaPanda is one of the slowest fighters in the game. He has few high-end damage attacks but he also lacks in defence along with slow movement that makes him vulnerable in close combat.
KunimitsuKunimitsu has the same attacks, combos as Yoshimitsu. He also is best for long-range attacks but lacks in close combat.
GigasGigas is a giant who can easily rush down the opponent with his attacks and combos. But you need to master his skills that help you to push down the opponent.
ElizaEliza can be the perfect character for the battle if an experienced player controlling her. Although she has all the tools need to win the battle speed, power, counter-attack and defence. However, she is lacking in the number of attacks.
AsukaAsuka is perfect for the counter-attack because she has an outstanding defence along with easy-to-use combos and attacks.
LiliLili is some of the decent moves that can easily learn for beginners. However, she lacks in speed and defences in a close battle. If you’re a beginner then Lili can be a great character to play with because of her simple to use attacks and combos.


Tekken 7 weakest Characters

These are the characters that you should avoid to play with in the Tekken 7. All these characters are not even close to usefulness compare to other tier characters. Basically, these characters has very low damage along with less attack moves which makes them weak. Unless you’ve master their skills in the lab.

However, we recommend you to stay away from these characters, because their wining percentage are way to lower. For instance, Katarina she is easily hit by any opponent due to his attacking skill that leaves her for the counter attack.

Lucky ChloeLucky Chloe has some of the hard-hitting moves that can be hard for beginners. You’ll get more experience with her moves and attacks. However, you can soon find out that she has lots backwards for the close and long-range battles.
LeiThe Lei is hard to take down opponents for beginners. Because of his variety of moves that perfect hits opponent. But you need hundreds of hours of experience playing with him to get better at his skills, combos.
KumaKuma has almost the same attacks as Panda. He also has slow movements that leave him open for the attack. Moreover, he is lacking in long and short-range attacks along with combos.
EddyEddy is a freestyle fighter, if master his skills you can deal some of the high-end damage long-range attacks to the opponent. But you need to master his combos that are hard to learn so you need lots of time in the lab to learn his moves and attacks.
KatarinaKatarina is one of the simplest fighters in the entire game. His attacks are pretty simple to get along with that she doesn’t have many different attacks compared to other characters. She lacked in multiple things that you can understand after playing with her.

How You Can Win More Battle In Tekken 7

Well, most of the time the ranking does not define Tekken 7 Characters. The most matter is the player who is playing the game, if the player has better experience with an single character in the game. It way to hard for an beginner with S-Tier character to win battle against the experienced gamer.

The Tekken 7 is well balanced and technical game in which you have to understand lots of things about the character such his combos, super power attacks, long and close range attacks, blocking and much more. Which simple means if you’ve lots of playing experience and you have master his skills. Then in this case, its way to hard for anyone to defect your character in the combat.

For this reason, we have mentions some of the tips and terms that can be helpful for you to know more about Tekken 7 . Moreover, in the last of the guide we have also find some of the tips that can help to master the hard to learn aspects of Tekken.

Important Terms You Need To Know About Tekken 7 :

  • Juggle – The juggle is one of the most important terms used in the fighting game such as Tekken, Mortal Combat and many more. The term means striking the opponent while they are suspended in the middle of the air. This makes it impossible for any opponent to block the attack.
  • Pushback – The pushback term refers to when the fighter moves back after successfully blocking the opponent’s attack. In simple words, if you’re best to use the pushback in the middle of the fight then your opponent cannot able to push toward you with high-end damaging attacks.
  • Walling / Wall Splat – The term refers to the position in the fight when you corner your opponent or push the opponent to the edge of the battle arena. This gives you the opportunity to launch a series of attacks on your opponent. Because at the corner your opponent will be vulnerable.
  • Poke – The poke term refer to jabbing which also used in boxing. In this, the poking is used quickly to the opponent, the low-damage attacks that can gauge the enemy position. You can also use this fighting technic to release your own combo toward to opponent.
  • Frames – The Frames term refers to how fast the character moves. In simple words, a unit used to calculate how fast specific attacks or moves are executed by the fighter. However, there lot few cases where the fighter can obtain glory in the battle due to the fast frames.
  • Punish – The Punish is basically meant taking an advantage of the enemy’s mistakes or wrong moves (wrong position, miss strike or poor grabbing). The experienced player can easily able to take advantage of the opponent’s wrong attacks and release their counter-attack.
  • Launch – This term means hitting your opponent. So that they can get up in the middle of the air and ready themselves for the juggle.
  • Teching- The Teching is a well-known move in close combat games. In this, you cancel the opponent’s recent launch attack by hitting the punch or kick. Basically in this, you cancel few frames of the combat. For instance, teaching before hitting the ground to get up quickly to avoid opponent attacks.
Tekken 7 Tips

Tips To Win The Battle In Tekken 7 :

These are the Tekken 7 tips that can be helpful for you to improve your fighter game. All you have to do is follow these tips and you can easily able to see them improve in your game in few days.

1. Master Your Favorite Character Proper Movements and Battle Positions

The Tekken is all about fighting and if you don’t know your character powers, movements, positioning. Then your opponent can easily able to deliver high-end damage without having a hassle. You need to master all the strike attacks, movements, and positioning.

It’s very important in the fighting games like Tekken to learn long-range fighting styles that give you the advantage to strike harder to the opponent within the long-range. This can only be achieved when you master the movements and combos of the character.

2. Keep Practicing With The Characters

You’ve heard the term Practice make man perfect. Which means if you keep practicing then you can master that particular thing. In Tekken 7 you need to practice all the movements, attacks, positioning, grabbing and combos of each character.

Once you’ve found the character that fits your needs, then after that you needed to start practicing his skills and attacks in the Lab. It doesn’t matter which character you choose in the game. Its totally depends how much you know about his skills.

3. Take Benefits of the Rage System

The Rage System in Tekken 7 allows every fighter not out of the match no matter how much low health bar it has once the character health bar reduced to 20 percent the Rage Mode is activated. This mode allows you to perform either Rage Art or a Rage Drive. These are moves that have high-end damage along with the that your opponent also cannot able to block these moves.

4. Challenge Experienced Players To Improve Your Battle Moves

Once you have master the skills of the Tekken characters you need to challenge the experienced player that has better gaming moves compare to you. This allows you to learn something new form that player such as when and how you have to strike to your opponent and how you can block opponent attack along with the timing of the attacks.

Final Words:

Most of the gamers says, the Tekken required lots of practice because its an high skill cap video game. This is 100 % correct but this doesn’t mean that a beginner can not learn and master this game. Hopefully you find this short guide helpful to find out some of the best and stronger Tekken 7 characters throughout the Tekken 7 Tier List.

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These the commonly asked question regarding the Tekken 7 with complete explanation.

Who is the strongest character in Tekken 7?

These are some of the strongest characters in Tekken 7 in 2021 – Akuma Capcom, Fahkumram, Leroy, Devil Jin, Paul, Juila, Steve, Geese Howard, and Marduk. All these character has variety of attacks with high-end damage.

Who is the weakest character in Tekken 7?

These are some of the weakest characters in Tekken 7 – Katarina Alves, Eddy Gordo, Lee Chaolan, Panda, Kuma, Lucky Chloe and Lei. All these characters are lack in multiple things that make them vulnerable in the battle arena.

How do you block on Tekken 7?

You can easily block opponent attacks in Tekken 7 just like all the Tekken game series, to block the attack just simply pull back the movement stick or D-Pad in the gamepad when the opponent is releasing attack toward you.

What is a rage drive Tekken 7?

The Rage Drive is a special mode that only introduced in Tekken 7. Basically, the Rage Drive only activated when you’re in the Rage Status or your character health has been reduced to 20 % while fighting. The Rage Drive power up the regular attacks of your character to release high-end damage attacks.

Who is the easiest character in Tekken 7?

These are some of the easiest characters in the Tekken 7 – Katarina, Asuka, Miguel, Noctis.