How to defeat Guya in Dawnlands?

Guya is one of the main bosses for the forest quests in Dawnlands. It bears a resemblance to a Shaman that has merged with the forest, such that it has a goblin camp tied to its back and hooves for legs and claws for hands. Overall, a really grotesque appearance for a monster.

Similar to Kenda, who was introduced in the first chapter, Guya is the villain of the second chapter who is awakened after you complete the second ‘Break the Seal’ mission. The recommended equipment level is 60 with blue Spear, Mace, or Sword in your arsenal but even level 20 players can easily defeat the boss if played correctly.

Guya’s abilities in Dawnlands

Kenda’s most powerful attack was Charging at the heroes with his lance. The sword-wielding villain also delivered some impactful blows but it wasn’t a problem for bow users. Here is where Guya is comparatively more difficult to defeat than Kenda.

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Guya’s powers, although slow, have a very long range. The Shroom summons also hinder a player’s movements if not taken down instantly. Here is a list of his abilities:-

  • Guya in Dawnlands can fire poisonous spells from his staff that deal DOT apart from taking a portion of health.
  • Guya can fire purple-colored spells from his hand that deal immense damage.
  • The Shaman monster can summon an endless army of Shrooms that includes warriors, explorers, and bow-wielders.
  • Thanks to his dark abilities, Guya can create green-colored columns of raw energy in the form of a circle. These are formed at a distance and players unfortunate enough to step into them will be immensely damaged.
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Tips to defeat Guya in Dawnlands

Unlock and equip the best gear possible before challenging Guya in Dawnlands. Players must have the full Ranger Set at least to avoid taking hefty damage and to not struggle with their HP points the whole fight. Stock up on Deer Hide, Giant’s Hide, and Small Mushroom Umbrella to craft each Ranger gear.

The best weapons to take down Guya are Bow and Hammer. Bows give players solid range to avoid any spells coming their way, made better if they are mounted on a horse and going full centaur on the boss. Hammers deal massive damage with each hit but the wielder needs good reflexes to dodge Guya’s attacks.

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If played in Single Player Adventure mode, Guya will take more than a hundred Flaming Arrows to be defeated. Defeating it with a Hammer will take at least 50 hits. Make sure to have HP potions and Roasted Meat in your inventory as healing items.

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Tricks to defeat Guya in Dawnlands

Here comes the good part! Defeating Guya in Dawnlands will require Thatch, Wood, and Rocks and some building skills. Create an elevated construct near the boss summoning area before the match, i.e., a tower. Use your bow to rain a barrage of arrows on the villain who would be somewhat helpless with his Shrooms hindering your movement.

Keep in mind that Guya’s spells can still reach you! The advantage is that you can ‘crouch’ behind a wall while on the top of a tower before resuming your attacks. Seeing the main boss struggle to land a blow is pitiful yet exciting.

Another trick to defeat Guya in Dawnlands was discovered by YouTuber Kazeyo. Instead of using the usual arrows, he stockpiled Resin Bombs. Over 50 of them were used to defeat the monster, inflicting burn and AOE on not only Guya but also the Shrooms.

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