Blox Fruits How To Change Title

Your successes in Blox Fruits on Roblox are recognized by obtaining a title as you acquire power and begin accomplishing great feats. There are titles for certain achievements, such as collecting a particular quantity of Bounty or beating a specific adversary.

Some are also failure-related, such as losing a battle versus a boss. You should have a couple titles available by the time you can equip one to yourself. Equipping titles has no use other than to display an accomplishment (or lack thereof).

However, it is an excellent method to show other gamers what you have accomplished and to assist them in obtaining the titles they desire eventually.

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How do I change a title in Blox Fruits?

You must have access to the Second Sea in order to equip a title. It makes no difference if you complete all of the qualifications for a title while in the First Sea. Blox Fruits will not recognize your achievements unless you have visited the Second Sea. After then, it makes no difference where you are because you will be alerted whenever you obtain a title.

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When you get titles, they are not instantly assigned to your character. You must locate a Titles Specialist in either the Second or Third Seas, who will assist your character with equipping and changing titles.

You can equip any titles you acquired throughout your quest by speaking with the Titles Specialist. The title will appear on your character while you explore the environment, and other players will notice it when they come across you.

The same is true for changing your title. Talk to the Titles Specialist about changing titles once you’ve found the one you desire. It’s helpful if your first titles were about something embarrassing, like drowning. You must have the title accessible to switch to; you cannot switch to a title that you do not possess.

The hardest aspect is locating the Titles Specialist because they are not in a visible position like the mission giver NPCs. Head to the Café in the Second Sea and search for a hole beneath one of the treasure boxes.

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Follow the trail through the hole to the Titles Specialist at the end. The Titles Specialist can be located in the Mansion for those in the Third Sea. Go beyond the trade tables and into the next room to find the Titles Specialist.

That’s how to equip titles in Blox Fruits as I’ll see you in the next guide of Roblox.

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