Pokemon Go August 2023 Raid Guide

Pokemon Go has revealed its plans for August and it will turn undoubtedly turn out to be a ‘W’ month for the trainers.

The global Go Fest will mark the return of Primal beings from the Pokemon lore along with the debut of Mega Raquaza. Before the event begins though, the Pokemon Go August 2023 Raid spots will be occupied by some of the most iconic pocket monsters.

Presently, Regidrago and Mega Tyranitar occupy the Tier 5 Raid and Mega Raid spots, respectively. They will be available in the Gyms till August 4. After that, the Mega Raids will be dominated by Dragon-type Pokemon.

Zygarde debuted in the AR-based game recently and trainers will get a chance to complete the ‘Aura Trio’ set when Yveltal and Xerneas return to the 5-Star Raids.

Pokemon Go August 2023 Raid Guide

Pokemon Go August 2023
Image via pokemongohub.net

Thanks to an August Content Update shared by Leekduck, players can prepare for the upcoming Raids by upgrading their teams. Here is the Pokemon Go August Raid Guide.

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Mega Raids (starting at 10 PM LT and ending at 10 PM LT)

  • Mega Tyranitar – July 25 to August 4
  • Mega Gyarados – August 4 to August 16
  • Mega Salamence – August 16 to August 23 and August 27 to September 1
  • Mega Raquaza *global debut*- August 27 ( 11 AM LT to 6 PM LT)

Five-Star Raids (starting at 10 PM LT and ending at 10 PM LT)

  • Regidrago – July 25 to August 4
  • Cresselia – August 4 to August 16
  • Xerneas – August 16 to August 23 and August 27 to September 1
  • Yveltal – August 16 to August 23 and August 27 to September 1

The ending of the Go Fest will be celebrated globally on August 26-27 via the return of Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon in the special Primal Raids spot.

Primal Raids featuring Groudon and Kyogre

  • August 26 from 10 A.M to 6 P.M. LT
  • August 27 from 10 A.M. to 11 A.M. LT
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Pokemon Go Raid Hours for August 2023

The Raid Hour begins at 6 PM LT and ends at 7 PM LT during which almost every Gym will feature a particular Raid boss. This is the ideal time to stack up your Raid Battle Passes and get that Shiny you have been aiming for. The globally accepted shiny odds in Raids is one in every twenty (1/20).

  • Regidrago – August 2
  • Cresselia – August 9
  • Xerneas – August 16
  • Primal Kyogre – August 23
  • Primal Groudon – August 24
  • Yveltal – August 30

Xerneas and Yveltal obtained from the upcoming Raids will have specific Legacy Moves. Xerneas will know the Geomancy Charged Move – an ability that the legendary ‘mon used to turn enemies into gold in the anime. Meanwhile, Yveltal obtained from Raids will have its signature Oblivion Wing Charged Move.

Except for Regidrago, Pokemon Go trainers can catch the Shiny variants of any of the Raid bosses in August.

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