Blox Fruits How To Get Yama

Yama is a powerful legendary sword that appears in Roblox Blox Fruits! It not only packs a powerful punch with its Hellish Slash move, which produces significant knockback and respectable damage.

But its Infernal Hurricane move is also one to keep an eye out for – jet ahead with several slices that will leave your opponents quaking in their shoes! With a cool-down time of only 10 seconds, you won’t have to wait long before unleashing the power of Yama.

You must satisfy several free prerequisites in order to receive Yama. If you try to grab it without satisfying these free criteria, you will be murdered instantly. You must have at least 20 kills in Elite Pirates missions before you can begin Elite Hunter quests. If you have 30 kills, you have a 100% chance.

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How to Get Yama in Roblox Blox Fruits? 

Here’s how to get Yama in Blox Fruits;

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Complete All Elite Quests

Before you can pull the Yama sword, you must accomplish 30 Elite Hunter tasks, which are offered every 10 minutes by the Elite Hunter NPC. This cat NPC can be found in front of the palace in Castle on the Sea, Third Sea. Speak to him, and he’ll ask you to beat one of the following three bosses:

  • Deandre
  • Diablo
  • Urban

You’ll be able to draw the Yama sword after defeating any of them 30 times. Alternatively, after chatting with the Player Hunter NPC, who stands immediately next to the Elite Hunter NPC, you can beat 30 random players on a server.

Pull the Yama Sword

After that, you must journey to Hydra Island’s Secret Temple, which is located below the waterfall. You can enter the temple through the gate utilizing either Destructible Physics or Flash Step moves. Once inside, you must click the Yama sword as swiftly as possible to get it.

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It’s worth noting that if you don’t click quickly enough, the sword will reject and destroy you. If you’re not sure how quickly you can click your mouse manually, you might wish to utilize an autoclicker. But after that’s done, you’ll undoubtedly be rewarded with the Yama sword.

That’s how to get Yama in Blox Fruits as I’ll see you in the next guide of Roblox.

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