Blox Fruits How To Get Ectoplasm

Blox Fruits is a Roblox game that transports players to a world of pirates and bounty hunters based on the popular anime series One Piece. Ectoplasm, an in-game money utilized for a variety of functions, is one of the game’s valued goods.

Obtaining Ectoplasm might be difficult, especially if you are unfamiliar with how to do it. This tutorial will detail the best methods for obtaining Ectoplasm in Blox Fruits.

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Where to Find Ectoplasm in Blox Fruits (Location)

The Cursed Ship in the Second Sea is the finest spot to collect Ectoplasm; it can be found near the Graveyards on the back side of the Kingdom of Rose. When you get to the ship, enter through the large entrance on the front side. You’ll discover five distinct NPCs here, each with a tiny possibility of dropping Ectoplasm.

  • Ship Deckhand
  • Ship Engineer
  • Ship Steward
  • Ship Officer
  • Cursed Captain
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The Best Ways to Earn Ectoplasm In Blox Fruits

Ectoplasm is a scarce resource, making it difficult to obtain. Furthermore, you can begin earning it right away and do not have to wait until the mid-game to begin getting it. The resource will be available only once you have reached the 1000-level and traveled to the Second Sea.

The best method to obtain Ectoplasm is to defeat the Cursed Captain raid monster. The boss can be found on the Cursed Ship, and each mob you kill on the ship has a 25% chance of dropping Ectoplasm.

If you beat Cursed Captain, you will receive 10 Ectoplasm as a guaranteed drop. If you can’t find him, look for him on the third floor of the Cursed Ship. Keep in mind that he only appears once every 1 hour and 15 minutes, so it’s not a sure spawn. He’s also unavailable during the day.

As previously stated, Ectoplasm can also be obtained from numerous monsters aboard the Cursed Ship. When vanquished, the Ship Deckhand, Ship Engineer, Ship Steward, and Ship Officer all have a 50% chance of dropping Ectoplasm. They only drop one Ectoplasm as opposed to the Cursed Captain’s ten, but they are considerably simpler to destroy.

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Ectoplasm sells products such as Bizarre Rifle, Ghoul Mask, Midnight Blade, and Ghoul. You can also gain a few titles by collecting a certain amount of Ectoplasm.

That’s how to get Ectoplasm in Blox Fruits as I’ll see you in the next guide of Roblox.

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