Harvest Moon How To Make Money

If you have a lot of money in Harvest Moon: The Winds of Anthos, you’ll have better access to animals, construction materials, and other items. However, early game lessons might make making money difficult. Fortunately, you only need one gadget to get some significant gold. Here’s how to generate money quickly in The Winds of Anthos.

How to Make Money Fast in Harvest Moon

Fishing is, by far, the finest method to generate money in The Winds of Anthos. While tasks like as mining and agricultural cultivation are vital to the plot of Harvest Moon, they will not earn you as much money. As a result, you’ll want to start fishing as soon as possible. Your wallet will undoubtedly thank you.

Eugene, Neil’s father, will offer you a fishing rod and teach you how to fish once you’ve reunited the estranged father and son. Depending on your speed, getting to this point may take some time. The guide, on the other hand, will occur as you rebuild Lenctenbury Village, the game’s starting place.

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You’ll have everything you need to start raking in gold once you have a rod and access to Anthos’s outer terrain. The bodies of water found across the Breezy Plains are excellent places to begin. While fish species differ by body, the two most valuable fish in the area are Nile Tilapia and Green Arowana.

Each of these species has a typical rate of about 880 Gold. Larger fish, on the other hand, will receive an even better offer. The most valuable fish I’ve ever caught was a massive Green Arowana, which sold for almost 1,600 Gold on its own.

Having said that, I highly advise you to set aside time each day to fish. This will give a consistent source of money whenever you leave items in the shipment bin near your house. Making rapid money in The Winds of Anthos is as simple as that. You’ll have access to everything you need to live your best life in Anthos if you have enough cash in your wallet.

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That’s how to make money in Harvest Moon as I’ll see you in the next guide.