Blox Fruits How To Get Tushita Sword

Blox Fruits, a One Piece-inspired adventure game on Roblox, has a variety of weaponry. Tushita is a Legendary sword you can finally get. This sword is named after one of Buddhism’s six heavens, as seen by the techniques ‘Heavenly Lunges’ and ‘Celestial Ravager’.

We’ll go through how to obtain Tushita for yourself and perform these devastating maneuvers in this guide. It is vital to know that you must reach level 2000 before you can obtain Tushita. This is pretty high, so it may take you some time to achieve it. Now, let’s look at the first stage in obtaining Tushita.

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How to Get Tushita Sword in Blox Fruits

To begin, keep in mind that in order to get Tushita, you must first achieve Level 2000 in the game. This is because the game considers you unfit to handle the sword before that level. Another item you’ll need is God’s Chalice. This item is required to begin the Rip_Indra Raid.

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Now in order to get Tushita, follow the steps below:

  • You must first travel to Hydra Island. Yama’s chamber wall can be found beneath a waterfall. Break down this barrier and enter.
  • Following that, you will be swamped by spirits that you must battle. Then you must locate the Secret Entrance.
  • The secret entry leads to the Portal, which transports you to the Floating Turtle. The game will then advise you to be ready for the adventure that awaits you.
  • Comply with the instructions and gather the torches in the correct order. You must make your way to a stone path on the right and continue it until you reach Musketeer Pirate’s house.
  • Continue until you have collected all four torches and are rewarded with a “Well done.” You can now enter my hideaway” message.
  • This is the final and most difficult stage. When you enter, you will be confronted by the Longma boss. You must defeat this NPC boss in order to get the Legendary weapon.
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Beating the Longma Boss is no simple task. As a result, it is advised to carry as many damage-resistant Devil Fruits and other power ups as possible. When you kill this formidable foe, you will be rewarded with the “Celestial Swordsman” achievement and the Tushita Sword.

That’s how to get Tushita in Blox Fruits as I’ll see you in the next guide of Roblox.

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