How to Edit House in Work at a Pizza Place

Houses are structures in Work at a Pizza Place where the characters reside. They can create their own homes with goods purchased with Coins from the Large Catalog or The Dump.

Each player begins the game with a Shack House, which can be converted into a larger house with coins and may be improved indefinitely until the player obtains an Estate. However, for the three-story home and mansion, the player may bypass the upgrading procedure and proceed directly to the upgrade acquired in return for Robux.

Houses can be improved but not demolished. After unlocking the estate, the player may purchase another house named the “Modern House” and begin upgrading it.

Make sure you’re inside your house when you enter the game. You must be present in order to move furniture in your house. Look over your inventory now that you’re inside your house. A red X will appear in your inventory menu. So let’s dive into the details of how to edit house in work at a pizza place shall we!

How to Move Furniture in Roblox Work at a Pizza Place

Selecting and Moving

To move furniture in Work at a Pizza Place, you must first be in your house; you will not be able to move furniture anywhere else. Once entering your house, go to the ‘Inventory’ menu and look for a red X.

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Select it by clicking on the red X. After that, click on the item of furniture you wish to relocate. This will return the selected item of furniture to your inventory, where you may pick it and select the ‘Placement’ option.

Rotating and Placing

You will now be able to find a new location for the piece of furniture you wish to relocate, as well as rotate it. Press the R key on your keyboard to rotate it in different directions. When you are satisfied with the location of the piece of furniture, click your mouse button to confirm.

That’s how to edit house in work at a Pizza Place in Roblox as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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