Boba Story Recipes: All Magic Den Recipes

Boba Story has 53 Magic Den Recipes. All of the ingredients required for each recipe are listed below. Join forces with Joji, a charming strawberry forest spirit, to bring their historic business back to life.

Make your own bubble tea with ingredients including blueberry exploding boba, taro tea, and brown sugar milk tea. Create your own tea store, complete with wacky furnishings and windows. Unlock unique boba tastes such as cow boba and rainbow sprinkles.

New Boba Story Recipes

Recipe NameIngredients
Black and White BobaCloud, Tapioca Pearls, Milk
Boba Cheese FoamSugar Cube, Strawberry Milk, Boba Jar
Brown Cat BobaSoda, Tapioca Pearls, Milk
Deer Boba RecipeMushroom, Flower, Tapioca Pearls
Dragon CreamDino, Cloud, Milk
Dragon Fruit BobaDino, Mushroom, Tapioca Pearls
Flower SyrupSugar Cube, Sugar Cube, Flower
Glitter SyrupStar, Star, Cloud
Gold Flakes & Whipped CreamStrawberry Milk, Star, Bee
Polar Bear BobaBear, Soda, Tapioca Pearls
Polar Bear SyrupBear, SODA, Sugar Cube
Rainbow Heart BobaHeart, Tapioca Pearls Jar, Star
Rainbow SyrupHeart, Sugar Cube, Star
Rose PetalsFlower, Flower, Flower
Rose Petals SyrupFlower, Sugar Cube, Bee
Sakura PetalsFlower, Flower, Heart
Sakura Petals SyrupFlower, Flower, Soda
Sprinkles & Whipped CreamStrawberry Milk, Sugar Cube, Sugar Cube
Strawberry FoamSakura, Strawberry milk, Sugar
Strawberry MilkAll slots Strawberry Milk
Strawberries & Whipped CreamStrawberry Milk, Flower, Sugar Cube
Sunflower BobaStar, Tapioca Pearls, Flower
Unicorn BobaSoda, Tapioca Pearls, Soda
White Cat Boba RecipeSoda, Tapioca Pearls, Heart

Old Boba Story Recipes

Recipe NameIngredients
Bear BobaX2 Bears, X1 Tapioca Pearls
Bee BobaX2 Honeybees, X1 Tapioca Pearls Bottle
Chick BobaX2 Chicks, X1 Tapioca Pearls Bottle
Cloud BobaX2 Clouds, X1 Tapioca Pearls Bottle
Diamond BobaX1 Planet, X1 Dino, X1 Tapioca Pearls Bottle
Dinosaur BobaX2 Dinosaurs, Tapioca Pearls
Dragon BobaCloud, Dino, Boba trinkets
Flower BobaX2 Flowers, Tapioca Pearls
Frog BobaX1 Frog, X2 Tapioca Pearls
Galaxy BobaX1 Star, X1 Tapioca Pearls, Planet Like Item
Gummy BearsX3 Bear trinkets
Heart BobaX1 Heart, X1 Heart, X1 Tapioca Pearls bottle
HoneyX3 Honeybee trinkets
Ice-cream BobaX1 Sugar Cube, X1 Milk Pack, X1 Tapioca Pearls
Lychee SodaX3 Soda Bottles
MarshmallowsX2 Chicks, X1 Sugar Cube
Moon BobaPlanet Like Item (Looks like Saturn), X1 Tapioca Pearls bottle, X1 Heart
Mushroom BobaX1 Mushroom, X1 Heart, X1 Tapioca Pearls bottle
Mushroom JellyX2 Mushrooms, X1 Sugar Cube
Oreo Crème BruleeX1 Sugar Cube, X2 Milk Packs
Panda Bear BobaX1 Bear, X1 Honeybee, X1 Tapioca Pearls Bottle
Pig BobaX2 Pigs, X1 Tapioca Pearls bottle
PineappleX3 Pineapple trinkets
Pineapple BobaX2 Pineapples, X1 Tapioca Pearls bottle
Pineapple JellyX2 Pineapples, X1 Sugar Cube
Pink Dinosaur BobaX1 Heart, X1 Tapioca Pearls, X1 Dinosaur
Planet BobaX2 Planet Like Items (Looks like Saturn), X1 Tapioca Pearls
Puppy BobaX1 Bear, X1 Chick, X1 Tapioca Pearls Bottle
SprinklesX1 Honeybee, X1 Heart, X1 Pineapple
Star BobaX2 Stars, X1 Tapioca Pearls
Strawberry Cow BobaX1 Soda, X1 Tapioca Pearls, X1 Honeybee
Whipped CreamX3 Milk Packs

That’s all the magic den recipes in Boba Story as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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