Sojiro Sakura: Persona 5 Confidant Guide: Hierophant

Sojiro Sakura is a café proprietor, adoring adoptive father, and your legal guardian for your year in Tokyo in Persona 5 Royal.

While he starts P5R as a bit of a grump, continually expecting you to get into trouble and making it clear he’s not too keen on you being there, Coffee Dad gradually warms up to you once you get him chatting.

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1Coffee BasicsAllows you to make coffee which slightly restores SP to one ally.
4Leblanc CurryAllows you to make curry that slightly restores SP to all allies.
6Coffee MasteryAllows you to make coffee which greatly restores SP to one ally.
9Curry TipsAllows you to make curry that moderately restores SP to all allies.
MAXCurry MasterAllows you to make curry that greatly restores SP to all allies.

Rank 1

FollowupGot it. +3That was our deal. +2It’s the least I can do. +2

Rank 2

Response 1Making coffee. +2Hitting on girls. +0No idea. +0
Response 2Who was he? +0That guy seemed suspicious. +2Who’s the “her” he mentioned? +0
Response 3I want the ladies to love me. +2I don’t care about that stuff. +0
FollowupGot it. +2Give me a break. +0Why’d you call my cell? +0

Rank 3

Response 1Medium-fine. +2Coarse. +0Anything goes. +0
Response 2Is it a date? +0Is it trouble?? +2You don’t want my help anymore? +0
FollowupI’m ready to work. +2Go easy on me. +0Thank you in advance. +2

Rank 4

Response 1Tell me more. +3That sounds tough… +0It all tastes the same to me. +0
Response 2Run for help +0Call Sojiro’s phone +3Kick the man out +0
FollowupUnderstood. +2I’m kind of nervous… +0I’ll kick him out. +0

Rank 5

Response 1It wasn’t bad. +2Nothing special. +0I think I’m addicted! +3
Response 2She was like Futaba? +2She wasn’t normal, huh? +3So that’s why you’re a bachelor? +0
Response 3It really paid off in the end. +2Almost brings a tear to my eye. +0So much history… +0
FollowupSounds good to me. +0She needs a balanced diet. +2There’s always instant noodles. +0

Rank 6

Response 1I admire it. +0I’m not impressed. +0To each his own. +2
Response 2You’re wrong. +2I’m sorry. +0Shut your mouth. +3
Response 3Saving Futaba was no mistake. +2Just cut your ties with him. +0
FollowupIs she okay? +0Try to relax. +0If I can help somehow… +2

Rank 7

Response 1You might be right. +3That’s not true. +0They’re still delicious. +0
Response 2Are you alright? +0Have you calmed down? +0Do you want to talk? +0
Response 3Let’s talk to him. +0You should tell him that. +0You guys are one awkward duo. +0
FollowupI’m truly glad. +0You’re welcome. +0Feel like a real dad now? +3

Rank 8

Response 1You want my suggestion? +2Something with curry. +3I can’t decide! +0
Response 2I didn’t do anything wrong. +0I was just protecting Futaba. +3Sorry. +0

Rank 9

Response 1It’s great. +3He’s a bit of a nag. +3
Response 2Are you crying? +0You have a great daughter. +3Congrats. +3
FollowupYou did great. +3Futaba did great. +3You two were already family. +2

That’s all you need to know about Sojiro Sakura in Persona 5 as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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