Boomers Left 4 Dead Walkthrough

The Boomer, one of the most unpleasant Special Infected, was introduced in the original Left 4 Dead game. They are difficult to overlook due to their fat form, as opposed to the Jockey, whose stooping shape makes shooting difficult. They are easy to kill due to their limited health, as opposed to the Tank, which has tremendous health available.

They do not provide severe damage, unlike the Chargers, who will repeatedly pin and slam you to the ground. They do not render you immobile, unlike the Hunter or the Smoker, who will grasp you and prevent you from moving.

What is the Boomer?

The Boomer is one of eight Special Infected present in all Left 4 Dead games. They are bloated zombies created by viral mutation. They have incredibly low health and may be killed with a single bullet.

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Their fat physique also causes them to move more slowly than other zombies. The Boomer’s mission is to stymie the survivors’ advancement. They have the potential to blind them and cause confusion among the squad. They are ideal for allowing hordes of common infected to effectively attack the gamers.

The Boomer’s Abilities Explained

Boomers Left 4 Dead
Boomers Left 4 Dead

Special Attack: Bile

Their bile is their primary mode of assault. Boomers can produce a huge amount of it, which they expel via their lips. They will vomit this bile at the game’s participants. When a survivor has it on them, it attracts hordes of zombies. To prevent being swamped by a large number of zombies, it is essential to avoid being struck by a Boomer’s bile.

Melee Attack: Claw

They can still do direct damage to players, but it is much too weak to be deemed lethal. In regular gameplay, Boomers can use their claws to deduct two points from a player’s health. However, like every other assault in the game, it can prevent players from performing things like assisting the disabled or fueling Jimmy Gibb Junior’s automobile with gas.

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Strategies to Fight as the Boomer

You may play as the Boomer in Versus mode. Your mission is to utilize your bile to mislead the survivors. As a result, you must tactically organize your location throughout your games. Overall, gamers consider playing as Boomer to help the other Special Infected. That’s all you need to know about Boomers Left 4 Dead as I’ll see you in the next guide.