Genshin Impact QingXu Pool Puzzle Guide

Today, I will cover one of the puzzles players will need to find and solve in Genshin Impact to obtain the Nameless Treasure. However, realistically, this is one of the easier puzzles to solve. When it comes to puzzle completion, players can often complete them very quickly.

However, when it comes to this puzzle, players must solve it to obtain the Nameless Treasure, and it may be a little difficult for players to locate all of its elements since they are spread out from one another.

There are some complicated mechanics which are not so apparent to players. So, the following article will guide you for the QingXu Pool Puzzle in the Genshin Impact.

QingXu’s Pool Puzzle in Genshin Impact

In the Qingxu pool area in Liyue, you will find a puzzle that you can use to obtain the Nameless Treasure.

There are three Nameless Treasures spread across the map, and the Qingxu Pool is one of the locations you can find a Nameless Treasure. To obtain the third and final Treasure, you must travel to Qingxu Pool, located on the western side of Liyue, near the border.

By doing the same, you will be able to resolve the puzzle at Qingxu Pool from the Genshin Effect and obtain the Nameless Treasure. For those people, who are struggling to find the locations, the following will help you complete this puzzle:-

qingxu pool


To start the players’ journey, players must go up the top Tower of Qingxu Pool to locate the geo mark on the floor, located before a tablet. Players will get encouraged by the tablet that they can activate markings presented on the floor to finish this puzzle.

Players will have to take on any one of their Geo characters to start this puzzle; some of the decent choices comprise the Geo Traveller, Ningguang, Zhongli, or even Noelle, though Noelle’s cooldowns are very long compared to some of the other Geo characters, that players can select.

If a player has Ningguang, that player can use her basic attacks. However, this takes some practice because they will need to rebound her basic attacks off the walls to hit all the markings available on the floor.


It’s good for you that the second Marking is one of the easiest ones to find. Players should look left to the first Marking to be able to see a Tower on which the Geo marking is on the floor. Though, all the players will find the Marking, presented inside of this Tower, very easily. You have to activate it and then move on to the next Marking.


The next Geo Marking will be available on an exposed Pillar, located on the right of the previous Geo Marking.

This is the easiest Marking, till now, to activate- just simply because there is no roof on top of it, but it is difficult to locate whether players do not have a good amount of spatial awareness or not. By activating this Marking, players will be able to unlock wind tunnels that enable them to ride to locate the next Geo Markings.


To locate your 4rth Geo Marking, players are stimulated to take the Wind Currents, and they should fly through the rings to find the Tower associated with it.

Players shouldn’t have difficulty with this till they get lost on the way, but this must be simple enough to turn back and ride the wind currents again to reroute themselves in the right direction.


The last and final Geo Marking can be difficult to locate, as there aren’t a lot of clues to find where it is. The finest way to define it is near the south, as you can get while still in a similar area at the verge of the circle.

Players will need to hike to get there, where they will be able to locate another Tower with a Geo Marking on it. After completing this, players must return to the initial point to collect the Nameless Treasure.

How to get the reward?

After activating all five seals, you’ll get a Luxurious Chest that will fall at the location of the stone tablet. You have to open it, and you’ll find some items which will also include a Nameless Treasure. You can sell this Nameless Treasure to an antique shop located in Liyue Harbor.

How to sell the Nameless Treasure?

If you are unaware, let me clarify that you can sell Nameless Treasures in Liyue to gather the game’s currency. You have to find two more of these treasures before selling them (three in total). When you have three of them, go to the Liyue Harbor and find Linglang, the antique shop owner of Liyue Harbor.

She is located beside the jeweler. You have to go at night (recommended: after 9 pm), and you’ll be able to see the option to sell these treasures to her.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Genshin Impact QingXu Pool Puzzle with complete information.

How do you solve the puzzle at Qingxu Pool?

Climb up the ruins until you reach this point when you arrive at the pool. When you interact with the monument, it will tell you that there are five symbols that must be activated using a Geo user. Change to a Geo user and press the first switch. Turn around and climb up the tower indicated on the map.

How do you solve the suigetsu pool puzzle in Genshin?

The pool will drain but not fully after the pillars are ignited. Jump down and swim through the small opening in the water that has been left. Climb up into the room and trigger the three devices on the wall when you reach the end of the path. You’ll be able to ascend up a new path once the door has opened.

How do you use Qingxu Pool Genshin?

Players must first go to the top of the tower at Qingxu Pool to find a Geo Marking on the floor in front of a tablet in order to begin their trip. What exactly is this? Players will be informed through tablet that they will be able to accomplish this puzzle by activating markers on the floor.

How do you activate the geo seal on Qingxu Pool?

To activate the initial seal, simply hit it with a Geo ability on the ground at the foot of the tablet. Looking across the chasm, you’ll notice two towers. Glide over and climb up to activate both of them, as they both have a Geo seal.

This is the end of this short guide.

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