Genshin Impact | QingXu Pool Puzzle Guide

Here we featured a QingXu Pool Puzzle guide that explains how you can complete this quest in Genshin Impact without much hassle.

Basically, Genshin Impact is a full quest and puzzle that players need to complete in order to collect rewards such as Luhua Landscape Quest and more.

Without wasting your time let’s focus on the QingXu Pool Puzzle guide.

QingXu’s Pool Puzzle in Genshin Impact

Once a player reaches the QingXu Pool he will encounter a puzzle that you need to solve in order to proceed further in Genshin Impact. This guide helps you to know how you can solve the following puzzle in the game. Without wondering into the runes.

first symbol in QingXu Pool
qingxu pool

Simply when you reach the QingXu Pool go to the top of the runes on the floor that you find next to the tablet and interface tablet and it will tell you about all 5 Geo symbols that the player needs to activate with the help of Geo User. Activate the first symbol here.

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second symbol location in QingXu Pool
qingxu pool

For the second symbol turn left and move in that direction and you will see a tower calm up on that tower on top you find the second symbol same as the first time in front of the tablet statue. As shown in the above image.

third symbol location in QingXu Pool
qingxu pool

Now for the third symbol, you need to expose Pillar that was available in the right direction from the previous symbol. You find the symbol between two pillars without a roof as shown in the above image. Once you activate the third symbol you will unlock the wind tunnels that the player can use to find the fourth symbol.

fourth symbol location in QingXu Pool
qingxu pool

The Fourth symbol is on the tower and to reach it player needs to use the Wind Currents and fly over through the rings to locate that tower. The symbol is under the template tower as you see in the above image.

fiveth  symbol location in QingXu Pool
qingxu pool

Lastly, the fifth symbol is located on the tower in the south direction similar to the previous tower a temple tower in terms of appearance once you find it activates the last symbol.

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chest location in QingXu Pool
qingxu pool

After activating all five symbols player need to calm up to the last tower and use Geo and the Chest will appear at the quest starting location. Go to the location and collect your loot and rewards.

For visual and deep information watch this video guide.

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