Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: All Garganacl Weakness

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet made some new game updates on its release. There were numerous brand-new Pokémon that could be gathered and fought. Learning which moves to use in battle is key because it can be difficult to tell what type a Pokémon in the beginning.

The highest IV stat for Garganacl is Defense (130), while the lowest is Speed (35). It has only one spawn site for in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. In the Great Crater of Paldea, it can be encountered at levels 31 through 60. 

Only when all questlines have been completed this location becomes accessible. Typically, Garganacl is found near the caves. It features two terra raids – a Level 75 5-Star Raid and a Level 90 6-Star Raid.

Garganacl Weakness Pokemon Scarlet
Garganacl weaknesses

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Garganacl Weakness

Below are all Garganacl weaknesses and counters.

As a Rock-type Pokémon, Garganacl is weak against attacks from the Fighting, Ground, Steel, Water, and Grass types Pokemon. Although it lacks immunity, it can withstand attacks of the Normal, Flying, Poison, and Fire types.

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Garganacl has better Physical Defense than other Pokémon therefore your best bet is to focus on Special Attacks of the previously mentioned Pokémon types. Refrain from using Pokémon of Bug, Fire, Flying, and Ice types. They are weak against most of its attacks. Also, keep an eye out for all the fighting, ground, and steel strikes.

Garganacl is can have three abilites:

  • Sturdy – Protects it from One Hit KO attacks like Fissure and allows it to survive with only 1 HP if it were to be knocked out by a move.
  • Salt purifying – Makes it immune to ghost-type attacks.
  • Clear Body – a hidden ability which renders attacks with lesser stats completely ineffective.

Although the majority of Garganacl’s attacks are Rock-type, it is also capable of learning a wide range of moves. Tatsugiri might be among the most powerful Pokémon to use in battle with Garganacl as a result of this.

Together with moves like Nasty Plot and Surf, it possesses a high Special Attack and excellent Speed. It also dodges almost all of Gargancl’s attacks.

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