Pokemon Go November 2024 Raid Guide

October hasn’t ended yet trainers already have information about Pokemon Go November 2023 Raids. A reliable leak has confirmed the return of Cobalion in Raids along with a surprise mega raid encounter that is set for the middle of the month.

Given that the Festival of Lights will be arriving next month, a lot of hype is around the Pokemon that are going to debut. The surprise mega raid boss is expected to be Gallade or a Paldean legendary Pokemon. That being said, Pokemon Go November 2023 Raids is going to bring a large dose of fun.

Pokemon Go November 2023 Raids

Below is every pocket monster that will be available in Pokemon Go November 2023 Raids. Note that each has a shiny variant in raids, which has an encounter chance of 5% or 1 in every 20 raid battles.

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Five-Star Raids

  • Darkrai – October 20 to November 2
  • Genesect (Douse Drive) – November 2 to November 9
  • Virizion – November 9 to November 16
  • Cobalion – November 16 to November 23
  • Terrakion – November 23 to November 30

Mega Raids

  • Mega Banette – October 20 to November 2
  • Mega Houndoom – November 2 to November 12
  • (Surprise Mega Raid Boss) – November 12 to November 16
  • Mega Kangaskhan – November 16 to November 30

Raid Hours for November 2023

Raid hours are special one-hour events in which a certain Pokemon appears as a Raid Boss in every Gym. These events take place from 6 P.M. LT to 7 P.M. LT.

  • Darkrai – November 1
  • Genesect (Douse Drive) – November 8
  • Virizion – November 15
  • Cobalion – November 22
  • Terrakion – November 29

That’s it for the November raid schedule. For more Pokemon Go guides, continue to follow Gameinstants.com.

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