Can Poliwag be Shiny in Pokemon Go

Poliwag is a Pokemon that a huge chunk of the Pokemon GO community adores, owing in part to its endearing aesthetic. Aside from Politoed, Pokemon GO enthusiasts may have a deep affection for Poliwag and its evolutionary line due to their being a part of the original 151 and so being in the game since inception.

Poliwag’s evolution line debuted in Pokemon Red and Blue, but many players may remember it best from Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, when Chuck, the Fighting-type Gym Leader, utilized a Poliwrath as his ace Pokemon.

A subset of Pokemon GO’s user base includes those that play the game to capture Shiny Pokemon, which are uncommon variants of Pokemon. Unlike the main series, Shiny Pokemon are typically released in waves or one at a time to celebrate the Pokemon’s participation in an event.

Is There Shiny Poliwag in Pokemon Go?

Poliwag shiny Pokemon Go
shiny poliwag

Yes, Shiny Poliwag is available in Pokemon Go the odds of getting is very lower. Poliwag and its family members, fortunately, can emerge in their Shiny variety. Then there’s the question of how to go about finding one.

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Aside from a Community Day event, there is no direct means to increase a Pokemon’s chances of being shiny however, players can take actions to reduce the time it takes to discover one, thereby indirectly raising its shiny odds.

A secret element in Pokemon GO known as “nests” may substantially reduce the amount of time it takes to discover a Shiny Pokemon by raising the spawn rates of certain particular Pokemon depending on the Pokemon assigned to that nest location. Chicago, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. are all notable Poliwag nests.

That’s all you need to know about Shiny Poliwag Pokemon Go as I’ll see you in the next guide of Pokemon Go.

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