Shiny Skorupi: Can Skorupi be Shiny Pokemon Go? Answered

The two deadly scorpions from the Pokémon franchise, Skorupi, and Drapion, have made their way into Pokémon Go. The two scorpions are just two of the many Poison species that will be on display from May 22 to May 28 as part of the Rising Shadows event.

Skorupi will have increased spawn rates for wild encounters during the event, allowing players to take advantage and catch as many tiny scorpions as they can before the event is over. If you need more information about can skorupi be shiny pokemon go, then read carefully, and don’t forget to share with your friends.

Can Skorupi be Shiny in Pokemon Go

Skorupi Shiny Pokemon Go

You might be wondering if there’s a chance to come across a Shiny variant while searching for Skorupi.

We can confirm that Shiny Skorupi and Shiny Drapion are in the game, despite the fact that some Pokémon are currently Shiny-locked. Yes, it will require some luck, but given how awesome their Shiny variants are, this is fantastic news.

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Shiny Skorupi has a striking red body instead of its typical purple color. Sky-blue eyes, which are still present and stand out against its red body, are still on it. Overall, Skorupi appears to be a serious contender for one of the best Shinies in the game.

Fortunately, Skorupi can be shiny in Pokemon GO, so there’s a chance you’ll run into a shiny version of the Scorpion’mon while out exploring.

Despite this, your chances of running into the color variant aren’t increased by the Spotlight Hour. This is so that, even though Spotlight Hours increases the likelihood that you will encounter the featured Pokemon, the standard shiny encounter rate of 1 in 500 does not change.

How To Catch Shiny Drapion in Pokemon Go

The Shiny version of Drapion is much more subdued, trading its cool-toned purple for a lighter burgundy. In Pokemon Go, you need to use the 50 Skorupi Candy on Shiny Skorupi to get Shiny Drapion. Although it may not be as distinctive as Shiny Skorupi, it is still a respectable Shiny. Without a doubt, both scorpions are worth the effort for Shiny hunters.

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Therefore, keep an eye out for a Skorupi Community Day if you’re really interested in catching a shiny Skorupi in Pokemon GO. In addition to the shiny version’s debut, there would also be a significant increase in the likelihood of encountering a shiny.

That’s not all, though, as one of the benefits of catching Skorupi during its featured Spotlight Hour is that you’ll receive 2 x XP for Pokemon evolution for every Skorupi you catch.

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