Can You Ride a Unicorn in Hogwarts Legacy?

The wizarding world isn’t complete without a unicorn. Luckily, you’ll never have to find out what it feels like in Hogwarts Legacy. This magical game is filled with magical creatures like hippogriffs and unicorns. However, the real question ‘Can you ride a unicorn in Hogwarts Legacy?’ We’ll provide the answer to this question in this article and other information you need. 

Where You Can Find a Unicorn in Hogwarts Legacy

Unlike other creatures in Hogwarts Legacy, you can only find this majestic creature in one location.

Players must travel deep into the forbidden forest and to the Unicorn Den to find this magical beast. If you read the Harry Potter books or binge-watched the Harry Potter series like the rest of us, you’d recognize this area as the only place unicorns were found in the movies. 

Getting to the Forbidden Forest is relatively easy. You can reach it on foot or by mounting a beast. Alternatively, you can fly there using your broomstick or through the Floo System. If you want to search for a unicorn, you should be ready to make multiple trips, as only one can be found at a time. 

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Can You Ride a Unicorn in Hogwarts Legacy?

Unicorn Hogwarts Legacy
Can You Ride a Unicorn in Hogwarts Legacy?

As much as we’d love to ride a unicorn, this won’t be possible in this game. It’s been made clear that players won’t be able to mount or ride the unicorns in Hogwarts Legacy. Unicorns are shy and elusive creatures. Therefore, players are unlikely to hop on a unicorn’s back and ride off to the sunset. 

Unicorns are also fiercely independent and difficult to tame, even by experienced wizards. Unlike other magical beasts, you cannot train them to obey commands or carry riders.

Despite the limitations of riding a unicorn, there are other things you can do with a unicorn. If you can catch a male and female unicorn, you can bread them in the Vivarium. You can also capture unicorns for their Unicorn hair which is quite useful when upgrading your gear.

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How to Capture a Unicorn in Hogwarts

Can you ride a unicorn in Hogwarts Legacy? No, but you can use them for other purposes. Before you can breed unicorns or harvest their hair, you must learn how to capture them.

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Unicorns are fast and elusive, making capturing them hard without a foolproof strategy. Luckily, there are some spells and items you can utilize to boost your chances.

If you’re lucky enough to get close, then you should use the Accio spell to draw the unicorn in and keep it from riding away.

However, you must first sneak in close before using this spell. Once you draw the unicorn in with the accio spell, you can cast the Arresto Momentum spell to hold it in place long enough to capture it.

When going on this quest, you’ll need a Nab-sack; it’s only available in the Room of Requirements from the post-level 15 quest. Put the unicorn in the Nab-sack, and it will automatically appear in your Vivarium. 

How You Can Care for a Unicorn in Hogwarts Legacy

Once you have the creature, you probably wonder how to care for them and keep them entertained. That’s easy; unicorns love to play with the unpoppable bubble toy. This should keep them occupied for a while.

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You can either harvest the Unicorn Hair to upgrade your gear or add traits to items. Although you can’t harvest their blood like in the movies, you can breed unicorns and have as many as you want.

Final Thoughts

Hogwarts are one of the most unique magical creatures in the wizarding world of Hogwart Legacy. But can you ride a unicorn in Hogwarts Legacy? No. However, you can still capture them for other exciting purposes.

They’re quite difficult to capture because of how skittish they can be. However, following the tips in this article, you’ll soon have a unicorn in your Vivarium. Want to learn about other features like killing in Hogwarts Legacy? Check out other guides here.

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