Hogwarts Legacy: Can You Breed Graphorn?

Can you breed Graphorn? Hogwarts Legacy has many magical and exciting beasts, but the Graphorn stands out. The Graphorn is one of the rarest beasts in the game, and there’s only one den where you can find them.

Additionally, only one Graphorn will spawn at a time, So they can be an impressive addition to your Vivarium. 

Since they’re so rare, most people wonder if you can ever breed a Graphorn and how they can even capture their Vivarium.

Luckily, this guide has all the answers you need. Keep reading to learn all you need to know about Graphorns, including the answer to the question, Can you breed Graphorn.

Can You Breed Graphorn? Answered

Graphorn Hogwarts Legacy 1
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The simple answer is yes, you can breed Graphorn. The first Graphorn you encounter, which will be in a trial, is only used as a mount. However, any other Graphorn you defeat can be added to your Vivarium, and you can breed them to make Graphorns of your own.

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All Graphorns spawn at the single den where they are found, and only one can spawn at a time. Most times, it takes several in-game days for a Graphorn to spawn.

Therefore, you should complete other quests while you wait or simply skip time forward. While doing this, you should note that the Graphorn will not spawn if you stand in its den while skipping time. 

To breed a Graphorn, you need a male and female species. Since you only get one spawn at a time, you’ll only have a 50% chance of getting the species you want.

Chances are that you might have to skip time forward multiple times before you can get a male and female Graphorn. Note that the Graphorn won’t come easily with you.

You’ll have to fight and defeat each Graphorn you want to add to your Vivarium. Once defeated, you can capture them with your knapsack and add them to your Vivarium.

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Quest You Need to Complete Before You Can Find a Graphorn in Hogwarts Legacy

Now that you know the answer to the question, ‘Can you breed Graphorn?’ you’re probably wondering how to find one.

As stated earlier, Graphorns are rare to find. Therefore, you’ll have to complete most of the main quests before catching a Graohorn. The most important quest is the Lord of the Shore Quest, which requires defeating and mounting a Graphorn.

It is the fourth and final San Baker’s trial, and you must confront and defeat a Graphorn in battle. Once you start this quest.

You must travel to the Graphorn Den in the Clagmar Coast region using the floo flame. When facing off with a Graphorn, you need to be smart about how you move and use attacks. 

Ensure you use the disillusionment charm when you enter the den so the Graphorns don’t notice you. This is because once they notice you, they’ll attack immediately.

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After defeating the Graphorn, you can use it as a mount. Ride it back to Professor Fig, and you can use the Graphorn to smash through dark wizards and poachers you come across.

Final Thoughts

The Graphorn is the rarest creature you’ll find in Hogwarts Legacy. Therefore, it’s exciting to know you can breed it.

Although defeating this beat is difficult using spells like Expelliarmus and Diffindo increases your chances. Once you defeat it, you can add the Graphorn to your Vivarium list of rare creatures. 

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