Can You Trade Weapons in Destiny 2?

The Destiny 2 central concept is that it is set in the future in the solar system, involving all the planets and celestial bodies. The game is about a battle between good and evil. The players are assigned the role of guardians and have to protect the world.

The players can choose from a wide variety of weapons in the game. The players can choose from a wide variety of weapons in the game. I will help you answer the question about whether you can trade weapons in Destiny 2.

Omniscient Eye Sniper Rifle Destiny 2

Can I Trade My Weapons In Destiny 2?

The simple answer to this question is, No, you cannot trade your weapons in the free-to-play game Destiny 2. Bungie, the game’s developers, have set this rule from the beginning; they said this in a blog post. Here’s a quote from the blog post:

“We believe that trading would undermine the core experience of the game. Destiny is about earning your gear through gameplay, not through trading. We want players to feel a sense of accomplishment when they get a new piece of gear, and we don’t want that feeling to be cheapened by being able to simply trade for it.”

Why Can’t Players Trade Weapons in Destiny 2?

The trading weapons feature could lead to many issues, like

  • Players could trade weapons in the game from other players and give them real money in return, which puts them at an unfair advantage 
  • Players could use exploits and duplicate the weapons to trade them with other players.
  • Players could focus on specific activities for loot that they could then trade with other players, making it easier to get the best gear. 
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