Hogwarts Legacy: All Infamous Foes Locations

Many exciting adventures are waiting for players to explore in the Hogwarts Legacy game. Players get to embark on combat challenges and explore relationship questlines to develop friendships with other characters in the game. One of the top challenges in the game is defeating Hogwarts Legacy’s infamous foes. 

Many infamous foes are scattered around the game, and while some are easy to defeat, others can be quite challenging.

Finding them is even more difficult because they’re well hidden across the map. Throughout the game, you’ll find 21 infamous foes in total. In this article, we’ll walk you through the right locations to find Hogwarts Legacy’s infamous foes; let’s dive right in. 

Hogwarts Legacy Infamous Foes Locations

where to find infamous foes hogwarts legacy
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The infamous foes in the game are usually on the outskirt of the map. Sometimes, defeating them is easier than locating them on the map. This article reveals all their locations to make finding and defeating them much easier.

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Northern Infamous Foes

Eight infamous foes are located in the Northern region of Hogwarts, and 6 can be found within Hogsmeade Valley alone. The easiest way to reach these Hogwarts Legacy infamous foes is through floo flame but below are their locations.

Rampant Dugbog – Hogsmeade Valley

This is one of the infamous foes, and you can find it by the winding river directly south of the East North Bog floo flame. It is just at the waterfall’s base and isn’t difficult to find. There are five cottongrass dugbogs around it, so you have to use Protego to defend against their tongue-swiping hits. 

Tempest Thorne – Falberton Castle, Hogsmeade Valley

This infamous foe can be found inside the castle, and you can travel to it through the Falberton Castle floo flame. Tempest Thorne is an evil poacher in the castle who likes to wear red. Players have to defeat her and her group of poachers.

Gwendolyn Zhou – Hogsmeade Valley

One of the Hogwarts Legacy’s infamous foes you might find difficult to find is Gwendolyn. This foe can be found inside the Ashwinder hideout. Just buy the Hogs Head in Hogsmeade.

Bardolph Barmont’s Corpse – Upper Hogsfield, Hogsmeade Valley

Another infamous foe in Hogsmeade Valley is Bardolph. You’ll have to activate the Brother’s Keeper side quest before finding this foe in Upper Hogsfield.

The Riparian Troll – Hogwarts Valley

This is an infamous foe within the Hogwarts Valley region, and you can only find this troll after completing the Beeting a Curse side quest. 

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Alexandra’s Troll – Hogwarts Valley

Alexandra Troll Location Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy Infamous Foes

You’ll come across this foe during the Troll Control Side Quest. Use the Brocburrow Floo Flame to fast-travel to its location quickly. Once you speak to Alexandra Rickett, the quest begins.

The Absconder – Forbidden Forest

This foe is a giant spider you can only find after completing the Absconder Encounter side quest. 

Pergit – North Hogwarts Region

This is the only foe in the North Hogwarts Region. You can find it in the Korrow’s ruin during the Tale of Rowland Oakes’s side quest. 

Central Hogwarts Legacy Infamous Foes Locations

There are 7 Hogwarts Legacy’s infamous foes’ locations, and we’ll be breaking them down below. 

The Grim and the White Wolf – Hogwarts Valley

These two infamous foes are inside the same cave by the far western cliff, just west of the Keenbridge floo flame. You can find the Grim at the river’s end and through the cave entrance across the small arched bridge. N the other hand, the White Wolf is inside the cage. It’s always best to lure the Grim outside before fighting it. 

Quagmire Troll – Hogwarts Valley

This foe is northeast of the Northern Southern Sea Bog Floo Flame near the riverbank. This is one of the most difficult Hogwarts Legacy infamous foes you’ll come across, so be ready to use spells like Avada Kedavra. 

The Insatiable Spider – South Hogwarts Region

This foe can only be found during the Tangled Web side quest. It is at the end of the side quest as you head to Aranshire in the South Hogwarts region.

Catrin Haggarty and Belgruff the Bludgeoner – Feldcroft Region

You’ll find two infamous foes here. Catrin inside a tent inside the small bandit camp in the northeast region. It is located north of the North Feldcroft Floo Flame, while Belgruff is a goblin located in the Bandit Camp Castle. It is located northwest of the Feldcroft floo flame.

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Ogbert the Odd – Coastal Cavern

This globin guards the coastal cavern region, and you can use the North Poidsear Coast floo flame to reach there.

Southern Hogwarts Legacy Infamous Foes Locations

There are 6 Hogwarts infamous foes in the southern region of Hogwarts Legacy, and they’re listed below.

Iona Morgan

This infamous foe can be found inside the ruined castle on the Poidsear Coast. This foe is a former student turned poacher.

Grodbick – Marunweem Lake

You can find Grodbick on Marunwem Lake. This infamous foe is unlocked during the Lodlok’s Loyalty quest, and you can reach it using the nearest Coastal Mine Floo Flame.

Ailsa Travers, Lord of the Manor and Dunstan Trinity – Manor Cape

These three Hogwarts Legacy infamous famous can be found in the Manor Cape region. Ailsa Travers and Lord of the Manor can be found northeast of the West Manor Cape Floo Flame and through a door switch in the graveyard area. On the other hand, you can find Dunstan Trinity through the West Manor Cape Floo Flame.

Silvanus Selwyn – Clagmar Coast

Silvanus Selwyn, an Infamous Foe found on the Clagmar Coast, may be found in the Bandit Camp Castle ruins near to the Clagmar Castle Floo Flame.

Final Thoughts

Finding Hogwarts Legacy’s infamous foes can be one of the hardest challenges you’ll come across. Once you find them, then you can easily defeat them using your best combat spells