Destiny 2 Cold Boot Quest Bug | How To Fix

Destiny 2 players are facing a Cold Boot Quest bug in the game. Here we covered all the information that might help you to rid of this error in Destiny 2 without having a hassle.

Mainly this Cold Boot Quest error occurs when players are trying to complete the Cold Boot Mission and collect the mission rewards.

This Cold Boot Quest error occur due to the fast progress when the player failed to hear Ghost’s dialogue about the Arch Charges. But there are simple troubleshooting steps that can help you to get rid of this error in no time.

Without wasting your time let’s focus on troubleshooting.

destiny 2 a cold boot

How To Fix Cool Bloot Quest Error in Destiny 2?

There is an easy solution to resolve this error in Destiny 2. The players need to revert back to the level or earlier point in the Cool Bloot Quest and wait until the Ghost will starting talking about the Arch energy.

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Once the Ghost finishes talking you can progress and complete the quest without any further delay and complete the rewards.

If players cannot able to return to the room until they reach the sparks. So you can also try this to fix the bug.

Destiny 2  Cool Boot Bug
destiny 2 a cold boot

Simply go to the Entrance of the hallway until the last door and wait there the Ghost will start talking to you a monologue that begins with the words “If Shaw was right, Activating…“. Once he did simply move forward to complete the quest.

This helps you to avoid completing the entire quest again. You can simply revert back to the last checkpoint and move to the last door and communicate with the ghost and the Cool Bloot Bug will be fixed automatically.

This is all for the Cool Bloot Quest error guide. Here at Gameinstants, we cover all information related to gaming for more similar content do read our Destiny 2 Guides for more helpful information related to the game.

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