Can Zorua Be Shiny In Pokemon Go ?

Zorua made its debut in the game in October 2022 alongside Zoroark. It debuted in the mainline Gen V Black and White games but was only available through a special event.

It came a little earlier than expected thanks to a bug during the Shuppet Spotlight Hour which was later fixed by Niantic thereby making Zorua catchable via its intended method.

It is a mischievous pokemon, like Ditto, that can disguise itself as other pokemon and is just as tricky to catch. With enough Zorua Candy (50 Candy) , you can evolve Zorua into Zoroark.

As a dark type, Zoroark will have moves which are strong against Ghost and Psychic-type pokemon. However, you will want to stay away from Bug, Fairy and Fighting-type pokemon.

Can Zorua Be Shiny in Pokemon Go

At the moment players will just have to enjoy its regular version. Zorua and Zoroark were released without their shiny version but this might change in the near future.

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We will keep you posted if this does happen.

Zorua in its regular version is still a valuable Pokémon, so it is worth the effort to catch.

How To Find Zorua In Pokemon Go

Shiny Zorua Pokemon Go
image via Gameinstants

Zorua spawns in the wild but there’s a catch. It won’t spawn as Zorua so you won’t notice it but it will spawn as your Buddy Pokemon whatever it is.

Notice that it will spawn differently for everybody depending on your buddy Pokemon at the moment. Upon catching zorua (your buddy Pokemon) , instead of the screen displaying “Gotcha!” as usual, it will display “Oh!” after which a special animation will play and then your Buddy pokemon caught will evolve into Zorua.

Fortunately, there are some tricks you can employ to catch Zorua faster:

As stated earlier Zorua, in this case, your buddy Pokemon will spawn in the wild. So you might wanna consider assigning buddy Pokemon that is :

  1. Shiny Pokemon
  2. Shadow Pokemon
  3. Legendary or Uncommon Pokemon
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As you know, shiny Pokemon won’t appear on the map as shiny before interacting with it. So when a shiny Pokemon spawns on the overworld map as shiny you will be quick to know it’s Zorua.

You can also use a Shadow Pokemon. These Pokémon have purple (Shadow) or white (Purified) auras, and Zorua’s disguise will keep these special features when it appears.

Legendary Pokemon also are not likely to spawn randomly in the wild outside specific events so it will be an indicator of Zorua.

With some luck and effort, you will be able to catch Zorua and add it to your Pokedex.