7 Interesting Facts About Halo Battles

Halo is an extremely popular first-person shooter game that took the world by storm when it was first released in 2001. Multiple releases after the initial game have proven just how much people love this game. Plenty of true fans contribute content on the internet, and you can read interesting Halo facts on sites such as FPS Champion.

Halo Was Never Supposed to Be a Shooter Game

After all the epic battles we’ve had, it’s hard to find out that Halo was initially supposed to be a game of strategy, like Warcraft and Command & Conquer. You would still control the Spartan units in the original concept, but you wouldn’t be a first-person shooter. 

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The Warthog was Made In Real Life

A real-life version of the Warthog was made. It was a completely functional model based on the vehicle in the game. The first one appeared around the time Peter Jackson was supposed to be working on a movie based on the game. It’s possible that the Warthog was related to the movie. 

World War I History

The UNSC history is based on world events right after World War I. The end of the war saw the formation of the League of Nations, an organization later replaced with the United Nations. The UNSC is a division of the UN, making the Halo world a little more authentic. While the countries gave most of their political power to the UNSC, there’s still plenty of political tension between the different nations. 

Halo Inspired Millions of Books

Since its inception, the game has inspired books, comics, and strategy guides, which have sold more than 11 million copies cumulatively. This is a massive boost to the gaming industry, even though book publishing is obviously not their primary market. The game has generated $3.4 billion dollars in revenue since 2001, making Halo one of the highest-earning games of all time. 

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The Game was Almost Mac-only Battles

Bungie, the company which developed Halo, initially worked on an Apple-only version of the game. However, Microsoft acquired Bungie while Halo was still in development. This meant that Microsoft bought the title for Halo. During the production of Halo 3, Bungie separated from Microsoft but was still contractually required to produce different titles for them. 

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Spartans were Police

The Spartans were originally a police force. They never fought the Covenant, which may be the reason why they’re no longer policing, but there may also be other reasons. Little is known about the original Spartans, and very few people discuss their history. 

The Human-Covenant War

In 2524, a civilian ship encountered a Covenant-missionary ship after suffering malfunctions in its slipspace drive, causing the civilians to travel the old-fashioned way. This was a major event, as it led to a battle, which was the start of the Human-Covenant war.

The Outer colonies were the first places where these battles were fought, but the Covenant systematically worked its way through each of the colonies, massacring everyone they could find. 

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Final Thoughts

Halo is a fun and unique game with rich backstories and history. It’s no wonder that it’s such a lucrative title! There have been many epic battles among players, and there will likely be millions more.