Pokemon Go: How To Catch Kartana, Weakness, Counters and Movesets

Kartana is one of the seven Ultra Beasts that are obtainable in Pokemon Go and the only to have the Grass-type attribute. Code named UB-04 Blade along with Celesteela, its appearance is that of an origami folded humanoid with long-drawn katanas as arms and a star as its face. Thus, it is often regarded as the ‘Drawn Sword’ Pokemon.

The dual Grass/Steel type Kartana is efficient in the Master League and Raid battles. It also tops the list when it comes to high DPS grass-type attacks against Go Rocket Grunts. According to an analysis by Reddit user Silph Road, it is a better alternative than Roserade, Torterra, and even Mega Venusaur. Not every trainer can get a Kartana in Pokemon Go though, as it is exclusively found on one side of the globe.

How to get Kartana in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go Kartana
Kartana Pokemon Go

Officially making its Pokemon Go debut in the summer of 2022, Kartana was available as a Tier-5 Raid Boss from September 13 to September 27. Unfortunately, it was only found in Gyms in the Northern Hemisphere. Players in other parts of the world got different legendary beasts popping out from the Ultra Wormholes.

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Kartana appeared in Pokemon Go a few days before the Test Your Mettle event that focused on Steel types. The continent of Europe, which includes France, Germany, Spain, etc., and Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates were hotspots for Kartana Raids during that time.

Despite the backlash from the PoGo community, Ultra Beasts like Kartana and Celesteela are still limited to the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, respectively. Players on the northern side of the globe need to wait for another Five-Star Raid to be on the monthly schedule to catch Kartana in Pokemon Go.

Kartana Pokemon Go moveset

What makes Kartana the best Grass type in Pokemon Go? The answer is not only the high DPS but also the variety of Charged Moves it can learn. The Drawn Sword Pokemon can hold any two main moves from the pool of Aerial Ace, Nigh Slash, X-Scissor, and Leaf Blade. Razor Leaf or Air Slash are its Quick Moves.

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The highest damage-dealing combo of Kartana is Razor Leaf and Leaf Blade (18.11 DPS). Players can choose Night Slash (Dark) as an alternative in PvP battles.

Weakness and Counters of Kartana in Pokemon Go

Kartana is vulnerable to Fighting and Fire types while being resistant to every other type. Note that it has 2x resistance against Bug types. Although the Ultra Beast lacks in stamina, it makes up for it with its massive attack stat. A trainer may find himself struggling to take down the katana-wielder if the battle deck lacks strategy.

Below are the max stats for Kartana in Pokemon Go:-

  • Max CP: 4156
  • Max HP: 129
  • Attack: 323
  • Defense: 182
  • Stamina: 139

Best fire-types against Kartana: Moltres, Darmanitan, Heatran, Delphox, Arcanine.

Best fighting-types against Kartana: Blaziken, Infernape, Emboar, Hitmonchan.

Kartana Pokemon Go Raid Guide

Tier-5 Raid Boss Kartana in Pokemon Go possesses a CP of over 58,000. A minimum party of 10 players is recommended. When defeated, trainers get the chance to encounter a Kartana with the following CP ranges:-

  • Level 20 with no weather boost: 2010 –2101 CP
  • Level 25 with Sunny or Snow weather boost: 2512 – 2626 CP

Catching a 2626 CP Kartana, let alone one above the 90 IV, is worth gold dust.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Kartana

Here are some FAQs about the Drawn Sword Pokemon.

Is there a Shiny Kartana in Pokemon Go?

As of July 2023, Pokemon Go hasn’t released a shiny version of Kartana.

Can Kartana be traded in Pokemon Go?

Yes, Kartana is a Pokemon that falls under the legendary category so it can be traded under the ‘special trade’ banner. This will cost 100,000 Stardust.

Which is better: Kartana or Celesteela?

Kartana has a higher CP and Attack stat than Celesteela. Meanwhile, the latter has more Steel-type moves at its disposal and better Defense and Stamina. Choose accordingly.

What are Ultra Beasts in Pokemon?

Ultra Beasts are extra-dimensional Pokemon that appear in Pokemon Go Raids via Wormholes. The first to get introduced was Nihilego and it happens to be the last Ultra Beast that was seen in the Tier 5 Raids in June 2023.

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