COD Black Ops Cold War: Operation Red Circus Guide

In the COD operation red circus, players will be tasked to take out the Soviet Major Vadim Rudnik, who is on the enemy side and a military leader working as an associate with the enigmatic Perseus to undermine the security of the EU government. During Call of duty cold war Operation Red Circus, three of the soviet needed to be recognized by the players.

Players must review and collect evidence to accurately pinpoint the suspects during the campaign. In the guide I have prepared for you, we will go through all the steps to solve this mission, so keep reading the article below.

Operation Red Circus
Image via Activision

How to find all the evidence needed in Operation Red Circus?

To identify and confirm the suspect, you need to gather three pieces of information. This evidence can be found at:

  • In the living room of Franz Kraus Ledger’s apartment, place Edda on the sofa and carefully move up to the room and search his drawings to find the ledger there.
  • After entering the SATCOM radar building, you will see Cassette tapes on the desk. It’ll be in the room overlooking the mountain range after you’ve found the crossbow bolt’s body stuck inside it.
  • Wristwatch and dead drop lists are sometimes found in different places but are located in desperate measures. Some players have found it inside the record room, while others have collected it from the lower-level server room or inside the war room. It will be best to check all three places.
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Operation Red Circus: Identifying your suspects

Identifying your suspects will become easy now that you have gathered all three pieces of evidence. The evidence from the ledger will reveal the location of the suspects, while the gender will be seen through a Cassette tape, and dead drop will help you find additional locations and dates.