How To Get Ravager Launcher BR Class In COD Mobile?

Call of Duty’s mobile season 2 is here, and players are excited about it as it comes with new content, including new weapons, maps, modes, and so much more. There is also an addition of Ravager Launcher to help you on the battlefield.

Keep reading this article here I will tell you more about unlocking Ravager launcher cod mobile.

How to Unlock COD Mobile Ravager BR Class?

Ravager Launcher BR Class CODM
Image via Activision

There are no official details about unlocking this Battle Royale class as COD Mobile Season 2 has not started. However, experts expect it to be available as the final reward of a seasonal challenge, and to unlock it, you will have to complete all the tasks that are a part of the seasonal challenges, daily logins can help as well. 

How To Upgrade Battle Royale Classes In COD: Mobile

Before you think about the class tier list, you might wonder what you can do to upgrade your classes. Each class of COD: Mobile has a standard and an upgraded state.

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You will get access to the standard state once your class skill meter becomes full, and after it has been upgraded to a higher class, it will turn purple color from orange.

To upgrade your class in COD, you must get a class driver. They are located at Upgrade Terminals, identified with a purple icon on your map.

Once your character picks up a Class driver, it will automatically start to use it, and their skill will be upgraded. You will see when it’s upgraded as the color of your class skill icon will turn purple.

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