Elden Ring: Converted Fringe Tower Puzzle Guide

You can complete the Elden Ring in 56 hours by focusing on the main objects of the game. But it will take 133 hours to meet every part of Elden’s Ring. So sometimes what happens with players, is when they reach a particular location in Elden Ring, without a guide they are not able to explore the whole location.

In some cases, users have to visit the place again to complete the quest or defeat the boss. Further, many users are not able to unlock the map without solving the main quests and accessories.

So here we are discussing the converted Fringe Tower Puzzle.

Converted Fringe Power Puzzle in the Elden Ring

When you reach the Fringe Power Puzzle in Elden Ring, you need to do an Erudition Gesture. So when you reach there to unlock the Converted Fringe Tower Puzzle, ensure you have completed Thop’s quest and Unlocked Erudition Gesture. But the tower isn’t unlocked yet.

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Might you wonder why this Converted Fringe Power Puzzle is not unlocked? Did I not perform perfectly? And again try the gesture. It’s not a glitch or bug but to unlock the Converted Fringe Power Puzzle in Elden Ring, you need to complete the quest to get the Erudition Gesture and also while performing the Gesture you need to wear Karolos Glintstone Crown.

Here in this guide, we mentioned how to perform Erudition Gesture, Karlos Glintstones Crown, and at last how to solve the Converted Fringe Tower Puzzle.

How to perform the Erudition Gesture in the Elden Ring?

You can unlock the Erudition Gesture by completing NPC Thop’s quest.

Follow the mentioned step to equip the Erudition Gesture in the Elden ring.

  1. PC users have to click on the “Esc” key and Playstation and Xbox users have to click on the Option on the gamepad.
  2. Open the Gesture grid on your device.
  • PC users have to select the gesture and switch it by F Key
  • Xbox users have to select the Gesture and click on the Y button to switch,
  • PlayStation users have to select the gesture and press the Triangle Button to switch.
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If you have space on the gesture grid. You can simply equip gestures with mentioned keys and buttons.

  1. After that, you have to go back and select the gesture of your choice.
  • Pc users either click on the gesture or can press the E key to confirm the gesture when done
  • Xbox users can select a gesture by Left D-pad and Pressing the A button when the Gesture is done.
  • PlayStation users can select the gesture by Left D-pad and press the X key when a gesture is done.

How To Get Karlos Glintstone Crown in the Elden Ring?

Follow these steps to find the Karolos Glintstone Crown in the Elden ring within Minutes.

You can find Karlos Glintstone Crown in Raya Lucaria Academy.

Visit the Debate Parlor Site of Grace, where you battled with Radgon’s Red Wolf.

Debate Parlor Site of Grace
converted fringe tower puzzle

From that part, you have to go outside through the North Door, reach outside, and follow the left side of the wall path.

You need to take left from the wall and then turn left again, in that you should avoid the Abductor Virgin.

Follow the path and from the bushes take left one more time at that corner you will find a reflective Crab, shiny white coloured.

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Karolos Glintstones Crown
converted fringe tower puzzle

You need to attack the Gleaming Crab to get the Karolos Glintstones Crown.

How to Solve Converted Fringe Tower Puzzles in the Elden Ring?

After collecting both items, Erudition Gesture and Karolos Glintstone Crown, head to Converted Fringe Tower. To unlock the seal you have to perform the gesture in front of Queen Marika’s Statue this time make sure you wear the Karolos Glintstone Crown. You can see a message on the screen that says “The Seal on the Rise is opened”.

You can have your rewards up there. To receive rewards like Gavel of Hamia and Cannon of Haima you have to take the stairs and defeat the Sorcerer and take the lift.


At Converted Fringe Tower in Elden RIng to unlock the seal you have to do the Erudition Gesture and have to wear the Karolos Glintstones Crown too. After doing a Gesture in front of Queen Marika’s Statues the seal will open and you will receive the rewards. On the stairs, you have to defeat the Sorcerer to get the Gavel of Haima and Cannon of Haima.