May Erudition Light the Way Elden Ring Puzzle: Solution

Looking for May Erudition Light the Way Elden Ring Puzzle guide or the puzzle solution? In this article, we have explained how you can solve this riddle in the game.

The Elden Ring domains always present new quests for their players to bring more fun and excitement and enthusiasm there are also new locations and maps to figure out and you have to collect new items and new weapons, and also you are able to unlock many more things here.

From the Elden Ring, the most fascinating activity is they connect its players through the puzzle-solving game.

Here, the most attractive puzzle that you should try is “May Erudition Light The Way” where you will find a series of steps for its solutions if you read this article previously then you can gain knowledge to solve the puzzle because here we present you the full guide for the puzzle solving.

What is Erudition Gesture

Erudition Gesture Lost Ark
The Erudition Gesture

In Elden Ring, you will find The Erudition Gesture is probably the most crucial and tough gesture which is mainly utilized for puzzle-solving in coincidence with the “Karolos Glintstone Crown” where you are able to unlock the secrets of two towers, Converted Tower and Converted Fringe Towerin Liurnia.

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The Academy Glintstone Key

You must definitely be given the Glintstone Key from the Academy of Raya Lucaria if Sorcerer Thops has been locked out. You should head back to Grace, the Debate Parlor Site. After that, you have to climb your path through some rubble to an area and there also you might be able to discover some grunts and a mage inside a room. 

how to get glintstone academy key
Glintstone Academy Key

Then you have to take the stairs on your left corner to enter an area with a grunt and two mages and also fight with them. Then you should jump over the balcony and some rooftops until you enter a chandelier and then you have to hang from the chandelier and you will be able to figure out the Glintstone Academy Key. 

Talk to Thops

talk to thops
Thops Lost Ark

You are able to figure out the Thops near the passageway of Liurnia, at the Church of Irith where you will figure out him sitting on a bench. And all you have to do is give him the Glintstone Academy Key and converse with him for some time and at the very least there is a high chance that he will give you the Erudition Gesture. 

The Glintstone Crown 

how to get gladstone crown
Gladstone crown

You will be able to figure out the Gladstone crown in Raya Lucaria Academy, the Legacy Dungeon you have to enter the dungeon but it mainly guides Rennala and you also have to create your own way to the Debate Parlor Site of Grace but it is mainly covered by a fiery wolf boss, the Red Wolf of Radagon.

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From the Debate Parlor Site of Grace, you have to go through the double doors to enter the courtyard and after entering the courtyard you have to handle an enemy who is able to swing the axes so you have to be very careful about that.

After that you have to figure out a small crab that is hiding in the grass with a blue glintstone embedded into its shell and if you find it then kill the crab to collect the Karolos Glintstone Crown.

Converted Tower and Converted Fringe Tower Puzzles

At first, you have to know that the two main towers located in Liurna have puzzle-related items which you have to figure out and the hints for both of the towers will be the same and they are very easy also.

If you want to solve this Erudition Tower puzzle then by wearing the Karolos Glintstone Crown you need to perform the Erudition gesture while and after this performance you will receive different results in each tower.

May Erudition Light the Way Elden Ring
Erudition Tower puzzle

A ghostly magic ladder will be created for you using which you are able to collect Memory Stones in the Converted Tower.

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And there a doorway will be open for you in the Converted Fringe Tower and you need to discover Gavel of Haima and Cannon of Haima spells in this tower. 

This was the full step-by-step guide for the Elden Ring “May Erudition Light the Way” puzzle, we hope it will be helpful for you.

Video Guide:

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Which gesture do you want for the converted tower?

the Erudition gesture

What would you prefer to do with the erudition emote?

You should simply go towards the tower and perform the emote With the prepared Erudition emote and Twinsage Glintstone Crown which will unlock this and there is a high chance that you will be able to get to the top.

The process of entering the fringe tower door

If you want to solve the converted Fringe Tower puzzle then you have to enter through the sealed door and also need to perform the Erudition Gesture while wearing one of the Glintstone Crown headpieces.

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