Elden Ring: Bastard Sword vs Claymore Which Is Best

Elden ring is an open-world action role-playing game, in which gamers have to explore six different lands and have to defeat several enemies to lead to the main boss in the game.

The game has non-player characters. To defeat the enemies gamers can use their skills and various weapons, and magic spells and have horseback riding, crafting and summons.

There are many weapons which anyone can use to defeat the NPCs. But which one is best to use, so here we are discussing which weapon is best: bastard sword or claymore.

Nonetheless, there are more weapons in the game but some players are more comfortable with playing top-tier weapons. Both swords will have pros and cons but users have to choose which one suits them better.

Bastard Sword

Where to find the bastard sword:

The users can easily locate the bastard sword in Elden ring, the bastard sword is sold by the Nomadic merchant and will be available in the castle morne rampart in the weeping peninsula, south limgrave. The price of the sword is 3000 runes.

Description of bastard sword Elden ring

The bastard sword is long and heavy, the gamers who love to perform can hit enemies 7 from a distance with strength and dexterity. The sword is heavy so users have to grip it with two hands but if they have enough then they can also attack the enemy with a single hand.

bastard sword vs claymore elden ring

Furthermore, it is a large sword with straight blades which can be swung at multiple foes at once and the enemy will knockout

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Specification of bastard sword Elden Ring

  • Physical 138
  • Mag 0
  • Fire 0
  • Light 0
  • Holy 0
  • Crit 0
  • Scaling str D and Dex D
  • Wight 9
  • Fps 5(8)

About claymore’s sword Elden ring

A claymore is a versatile option anyone can use easily. To hold the sword users will have to grip it with two hands nonetheless the sword is a combination of strength and dexterity.

The user can swing this weapon at the enemy with a single hand if they have enough strength and stamina but also can use it with two hands to attack. The enemy will yield in the blink of an eye with a claymore sword.

Where to find the claymore sword in Elden Ring

The claymore sword is easily available in the castle morene, the users have to pass through the courtyard entrance and after that, they have to pass the burning corpse which will be surrounded by the misbegotten. Follow this path and it will lead to the north and can be found on the left of the building as you enter in building.

Specification of claymore sword Elden Ring

  • Physical: 138
  • Magic: 0
  • Fire: 0
  • Light: 0
  • Holy: 0
  • Crit: 100
  • Scaling
  • Str: D and Dex: D
  • Wight: 9
  • Fps: 20

Which one to choose bastard sword vs claymore sword Elden Ring

Both swords have the same weight and have the same physical damage of 138 for enemies. To find the sword, for the bastard sword you will need the 3000 runes and for the claymore sword, you have to find it from castle moren.

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The fps of the bastard sword is 5(8) whereas, with the claymore sword, the fps is 20.

Not to forget that the bastard sword does not have any crit but the claymore has 100 crits.

The claymore has the lion’s claw weapons skills whereas the bastard sword has stamp upward cut weapons skills. Also, the claymore weapons sword can be infused with ashes of war, and can upgrade using smithing stones and the bastard sword can also upgrade with smithing stones and can be infused with ashes of war and buffets with magic and consumables. 

Both swords have a selling value of 100 runes.

You can upgrade both weapons with the smithing stone and can upgrade as per their max level, with upgradation you can unlock many more powers of both swords. The main difference between them is weapons skills and cirt strength. To use the weapon you can use it with a single or both hands.

Both swords are long-ranged and can be used to attack and dodge the attack. So if you are good with sword fighting then there will be no issues for you. The only thing that will matter is your accuracy and how you attack the enemy.

What we are suggesting bastard sword vs claymore sword in Elden Ring

As per our experience with both swords, we found out that the claymore sword is more effective than the bastard sword. The bastard sword is also good but for the sword first, you have to pay the 3000 runes and where in the claymore sword you can find it from the map.

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The other thing is that while attacking the bastard sword resistance is kind of more than the claymore sword. When you attack the enemy with the bastard sword the impact is more so when you try to attack again then it will take more time to recover and attack back on the enemy.

Whereas in the claymore after an attack you will hold your ground still so it makes it easy to attack again. After that, the bastard sword design is less attractive than the claymore design and pattern.

So in conclusion we conclude that the claymore sword is easier to use and also does great damage to the enemy.

At last, here we discussed two of the exclusive weapons of the Elden ring, bastard sword vs claymore. You can use whoever you want to use to defeat the enemy. Also, there are many other weapons in the Elden ring.

You can use which weapons you want to use and try to explore more weapons. In the end, all thing matter is how you use your weapons, cause the enemies are non-player characters so they are more skill-based than other players so you need to upgrade the weapons and skills as required and also have to try the new weapons to defeat the NPCs.

This is the end of this short guide.

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