Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List (September 2022)

This Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List holds all the strongest and weakest characters within the game in the tiers from S to B in which the S tier has all the strongest cookies in the cookie run kingdom.

The cookie run kingdom is an action game that was created by Devsisters and released in January 2021. This game is the sixth franchise of overall games.

In the recent update, the game is free to play in the browser from any device, you just have to search for the game and then you can play the game by clicking on the install option from the store.

There are a total of five different levels in this tier list in which S Tier has the highest-ranked character and tier D has the lowest rank characters.

The Tier S Characters:

cookie run kingdom tier list

The players are hard to defeat by anyone, anyone in this tier can give each other a tough match but when they play with lower tiers it is hard to stand against them.

The list has characters:

  • Licorice cookie
  • Tea knight cookie
  • Pumpkin Pie cookie
  • Dark Choco cookie
  • Cotton cookie
  • Frost queen cookie
  • Sea fairy cookie
  • Hollyberry cookie
  • Pure vanilla cookie

The Tier A Characters

cookie kingdom tier list

The tier has all the skills as the Tier S characters but on some levels, as they play they can improve their ranking.

The list has characters:

  • Herb cookie
  • Black Raisin cookie
  • Rye Parfait cookie
  • Eclair cookie
  • Moon Rabbit cookie
  • Vampire cookie
  • Cocoa cookie
  • Mala sauce cookie
  • Strawberry cookie
  • Twizzly Gummy cookie

The Tier B Characters:

best cookies in cookie run kingdom

Tier B has fewer skills than ace and A-level characters. The player can defeat with some statistics in this tier.

  • Tiger Lily cookie
  • Sonic cookie
  • Pastry cookie
  • Tails cookie
  • Poison Mushroom cookie
  • Almond cookie
  • Mint Choco cookie
  • Sorbet Shark cookie 
  • Mango cookie

Tier b has the player which has to play more matches than other characters due to fewer skills and defense.

C Tier Characters:

cookie run kingdom cookie tier list

The tier C characters have more skills and expertise than other characters.

The list has characters:

  • Pomegranate cookie
  • Squid ink cookie
  • Milk cookie
  • Sparkling cookie
  • Purple yam cookie
  • Red velvet cookie
  • Espresso cookie

The characters have to work extra to improve their ranking and reach the top levels.

D Tier Characters:

The last and final characters have the lowest skills of the above characters, with these characters is hard to win the match or to stand against the enemy.

The list has characters:

  • Madeleine cookie
  • Werewolf cookie
  • Chilli powder cookie
  • Kumiho cookie
  • Lilac cookie
  • Snow sugar cookie
  • Cream puff cookie
  • Fig cookie
cookie run kingdom cookie tier list

There is also one list of the best PVP.

  • Eclair cookie
  • Frost queen cookie
  • Cotton cookie
  • Red Velvet cookie
  • Tea Knight cookie

In the PVP arena battles, all function needs to be done with manual operation so without the auto command this PVP will help you to rank better in a game.

All characters have tier flex and flaw in the game but with the optimum equipment and with their skills the flaws can be reduced with lower-tier players, whereas the top three tiers don’t need so much effort from our side. The top three will make the game on your side.

How do add more characters to the game?

To add characters you need to complete or gain a few to unlock the characters in the game. As you get the points and purchase the supposed eclair then the eclair will be part of your team now. But it’s not as easy as you seem.

To gain the points to unlock the characters, you need to complete the score in one end. It is not possible to add characters with saving points.

As my earliest examples, if you want to unlock eclair and eclair needs 100000 points then you have to gain the 100000 points through one match. To get the points easily the players use the gaccha systems. The gaccha system holds the characters and is also done with cookie cutters.

How many cookies can I add to the game?

In the game as a beginner you java five cookies but as the game limit, you can add 1 cookie. But you can not add all the same cookies. There is little formation for that. You can have up to 7 epic cookies, 2 common cookies, and 1 rare cookie. There are many cookies present in the game and some of them are hard to get.

There are many cookies and their roles are different in the game, some of them are in defence and some of them are good in the attack.

Types of cookies:

  • Chargers
  • Defenser
  • Magic
  • Ranged
  • Ambush
  • Healing
  • Bomber
  • Supporter

All types of cookies are set as per the gamers, the gamers like to arrange the cookies and as they want to combine them. The place is not fixed also, you can add the cookies in the front, middle, and back, as you want to experiment with them. But use the cookies as per their skills.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the commonly asked questions related to the Cookie Run Kingdom with the complete explanation.

Is Cookie Run: Kingdom free on PC?

Yes, The Cookie Run Kingdom is free on PC, Phone, Tablet and Gaming Consoles you can easily able to play the game online on its official website without downloading it . To play the game online simply visit “” from your web browser and hit the Play button.

What is the rarest cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

The Frost Queen Cookie is currently the game’s rarest and most sought-after cookie. The new Ice Frost Gacha, which was revealed in the first section of the Frost Witch and the Lantern in the Snow update, features Frost Queen Cookie.

What is the best Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

These are some of the best cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom tier list. Eclair, Cotton, Frost Queen, Pumpkin Pie, Dark Choco, Pure Vanilla, Sea Fairy, Licorice and the Hollyberry.

How many Cookie Run: Kingdom characters are there?

64 Characters in the Cookie Run Kingdom. Basically on the Cookie Run: Kingdom features playable character units. There are presently 64 playable Cookies in the game, which started with 37. A gameplay team of up to 5 Cookies can be formed. Cookies are also required for Kingdom crafts activities as well as Balloon Dock Expeditions.

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