Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List

This Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List holds all the strongest and weakest characters within the game in the tiers from S to C in which the S tier has all the strongest cookies in the cookie run kingdom.

We featured this tier list based on the current game meta of character’s stats such as damage out, versatility and survival rate.

S Tier

cookie run kingdom tier list

These players are hard to defeat by anyone, anyone in this tier can give each other a tough match but when they play with lower tiers it is hard to stand against them.

Cookies TypeCharacters
Ambush CookiesBlack Pearl Cookie, Sorbet Shark Cookie, Tails Cookie, Black Raisin Cookie
Healing CookiesPure Vanilla Cookie, Herb Cookie
Support CookiesCandy Diver Cookie, Oyster Cookie, Eclair Cookie, Parfait Cookie, Cotton Cookie, Cream Puff Cookie.
Defence CookiesMadeleine Cookie, Hollyberry Cookie, Financier Cookie, Cocoa Cookie, Milk Cookie.
Charge CookiesTea Knight Cookie, Dark Cacao Cookie, Crunchy Chip Cookie, Mala Sauce Cookie, Raspberry Cookie, Red Velvet Cookie.
Magic CookiesFrost Queen Cookie, Clotted Cream Cookie, Latte Cookie, Espresso Cookie, Pumpkin Pie Cookie, Squid Ink Cookie.
Bomber CookiesSea Fairy Cookie, Affogato Cookie.
Ranger CookiesCaramel Arrow Cookie, Twizzly Gummy Cookie.

A Tier

cookie kingdom tier list

The tier has all the skills as the Tier S characters but on some levels, as they play they can improve their ranking.

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Cookies TypeCharacters
Ambush CookiesVampire Cookie, Cherry Blossom Cookie
Healing CookiesCream Unicorn Cookie, Sparkling Cookie
Support CookiesMint Choco Cookie
Defence CookiesWildberry Cookie, Moon Rabbit Cookie, Strawberry Crepe Cookie
Charge CookiesDark Choco Cookie
Magic CookiesLicorice Cookie
Bomber CookiesCaptain Caviar Cookie, Poison Mushroom Cookie
Ranger CookiesPastry Cookie, Rye Cookie

B Tier

best cookies in cookie run kingdom

Tier B has fewer skills than ace and A-level characters. The player can defeat with some statistics in this tier.

Cookies TypeCharacters
Ambush CookiesChili Pepper Cookie, Cherry Blossom Cookie
Healing CookiesAngel Cookie
Support CookiesAlmond Cookie, Lilac Cookie, Fig Cookie, Pomegranate Cookie
Defence CookiesKnight Cookie
Charge CookiesWerewolf Cookie, GingerBrave, Kumiho Cookie
Magic CookiesMango Cookie, Snow Sugar Cookie
Bomber CookiesPastry Cookie
Ranger CookiesTiger Lily Cookie

C Tier

cookie run kingdom cookie tier list

The tier C characters have more skills and expertise than other characters.

Cookies TypeCharacters
Ambush CookiesNinja Cookie, Pancake Cookie, Adventurer Cookie.
Healing CookiesCustard Cookie III
Support CookiesClover Cookie, Onion Cookie, Carrot Cookie
Defence CookiesAvocado Cookie, Strawberry Cookie
Charge CookiesMuscle Cookie, Princess Cookie, Purple Yam Cookie
Magic CookiesBlackberry Cookie, Devil Cookie, Wizard Cookie
Bomber CookiesGumball Cookie, Alchemist Cookie, Cherry Cookie
Ranger CookiesBeet Cookie
cookie run kingdom cookie tier list

There is also one list of the best PVP.

  • Eclair cookie
  • Frost queen cookie
  • Cotton cookie
  • Red Velvet cookie
  • Tea Knight cookie
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In the PVP arena battles, all function needs to be done with manual operation so without the auto command this PVP will help you to rank better in a game.

This is all for this guide for more similar content do read our Cookie Run Kingdom Guides for more helpful information such as how to get amlond cookie or all new cookies run kindgom codes and more.