How To Beat the Final Gym Leader In Hammerlock Gym (September 2022)

Pokemon Sword and shield game is becoming popular nowadays. In this game, you are provided with a Pokémon and you have to win through all the battles to win the final game. You to fight against various types of Gym leaders and their Pokémon’s.

You will chance to become a Gym leader yourself when you beat all the Gym leaders across various regions such that you have to come out victories in every game. You have to beat every Pokémon of the Gym leaders.

Defeat Hammerlocke Gym In Pokemon Swords and Shield

raihan pokemon

To win the battle against the gym leaders you have to understand their strategies. When you finally reach the final battle of the game you have to defeat the Gym leader of that Region. The name of the gym is Hammerlock Gym.

The final gym leader is Raihan, a dragon gym leader in the game Pokemon Sword and Shields. He is a very strong Pokémon trainer and gym leader who use only two dragon-type Pokemon, which is weird because many use more than two Pokémon in a gym battle. He uses only two types of Pokemon in the game, but they are all of the other types.

In the beginning, you have to fight with three different trainers, who use all different types of weather to give them an advantage over the others, such that they can beat you in a double battle. Once you are able to beat them, then you proceed to take on the final master, who is Raihan.

Raihan in Hammerlocke Gym

Raihan uses two types of Pokemon, which are Flygon and Sandaconda, which take on Morpeko and Tsareena. The battle is very tough to win.


Raihan is trickier than other spa leaders, and he only uses two Pokémon that are actually dragon-type. Not only is his battle a double battle, but he utilizes sandstorm, meaning that all you’re Pokémon that aren’t ground-, gemstone-, or sword-type will take damage every turn.

His Gigalith also knows Stealth Rock, a move that will damage your Pokémon when they get transferred out. As with the other spa leaders, he’ll Gigantamax his last Pokémon, Duraludon.

The Pokémon have their own power and characteristics, like FLygon level id 47, which is a ground-type Pokémon, and Gigalith, at level 46, a rock-type Pokémon. Sanda conda and Duraludon are at 46 and 48 levels, resp.

You have an advantage in that Raihanis’s dragon types are weak against the dragon fire type of pokemon and ice types. For others, you can use water and grass types to knock them down.

But you can win against him by collecting and evolving some of the best Pokémon earlier. They are

  • Milcrey is found on Route 4.
  • An AXEW dragon type found on route 6.
  • Darumaka ice found on Route 8.
  • You can consider these Pokemon when fighting against the Arihan and you can win the battle.
  • Winning reward.

When you finally win against Raihhan, you will get TM99 as a reward. which is breaking swipe? A dragon-type gym uniform to wear outside of challenges and the ability to catch Pokemon which are up to level 60.

This is how you can easily win the Pokemon Sword and Shields game.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the commonly asked questions related to the Rahian Pokemon and Hammerlock Gym with complete explanations.

What Gym is Hammerlocke?

Hammerlocke Stadium is the city’s official stadium. The Gym focuses on Dragon-type Pokémon, and its Trainers and Leader take use of the weather. Gym Challengers compete against Gym Leader Raihan for the Dragon Badge during the Gym Challenge.

What level should I be for Hammerlocke Gym?

The Gym Mission is easy to understand. You’ll have to defeat three trainers who will exploit various weather conditions. To build up rain, the first trainer will employ a Level 45 Pelipper with Drizzle, followed by a Level 45 Sliggoo, a Dragon-type.

What Pokémon should I defeat Raihan with?

These are some of the pokemon’s (Drednaw
, Vanillish, Dugtrio, Lampent) you can use it to defeat Raihan in Pokemon Swords and Shields.

How do you get to Hammerlocke Gym?

To get to Hammerlocke, continue east of Motostoke, in North Lake Miloch, until you locate a bridge leading north, presuming you haven’t done any exploring in the northern area of the Wild Area yet. After leaving Motostoke with your Fire Badge, you were shown this when you entered the Wild Area.

This is the end of this short guide, hopefully, you find this article more helpful in order to know how you can reach Hammerlocke Gym and how you can defeat Raihan Pokemon without taking many attacks during the battle.

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