Back 4 Blood All Playable Characters

Back 4 Blood is one of the best first-shooting games when it comes to hunting zombies. And if you looking for the all characters in Back 4 Blood. Then you hit the right spot, here we have featured all the playable characters in Back 4 Blood with a short description.


back 4 blood jim build
back 4 blood characters

Jim has a quote in the game which says no to a hunt. Jim is a male fictional character with a preferred weapon 357 Magnum M1A.

Jim is the hunter of the team. Jim is an early-aged guy who used to work with his father in the countryside.

After their stint in the military, he joined the cleaners. Jim has blue eyes and a cap above the brown eyes. Wearing grey this and a rad heavy jacket on the t-shirt. A locket on his neck with a full messy beard and mustache.

  • +10% tea, weak spot damage
  • +25% Aim Down Sight Speed
  • Precision kills 2.5% to 25%


back 4 blood Evangelo  build
back 4 blood characters

Evangelo is the newest member in the game, evangello is a male fictional character and the preferred weapon is the machete Uzi.

Evangelo has brown eyes with brown curly hair. The googles on the hair, back on the blue jacket under blue jacket a grey hoodie with six pocket pants. Also, a chain hanging on the neck with a cross on it.

  • +75% breakout speed
  • +5% Team Movement Speed
  • +25% fit stamina regen
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back 4 blood Karlee build
back 4 blood characters

Karlee is the female fictional character of the back 4 blood. The preferred weapon of Carlyle is the TEC 9 AK 47. Karlee has one your in the game which started as Focus On the Job at hand and we’ll get along fine.

Karlee is one of the survivors of the game and a member of eight. Karlee always trusted his guts and followed that no matter what the circumstance is.

Karlee is one of the best looters among the eight.  Karlee has purple hair with blue-coloured eyes. The black leather jacket under the jacket, purple hoodie tattoos on the body, and black leather pants.

Karlee has a special skill: she can sense danger in hazards.

  • +50 team Use Speed
  • +1 quick inventory


back 4 blood walker build
back 4 blood characters

Walker once said; surviving is not enough we have to fight. Walker is the male fictional character who has preferred weapons Glock 23 and M4 Carbine. The Walker is the oldest among five siblings. Walker was a former army ranger and war-torn veteran.

  • Accuracy 20% for 5 sec.
  • +10 term health
  • +10 damage
  • Other equipment is the frag grenade.
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back 4 blood Holly build
back 4 blood characters

Holly is the female character of back 4 blood. Holly quoted that it was really dangerous and I could possibly die. Well, sign me up.

Karlee lost her family in an attack by death; she managed to escape the attack. If the eight are still together the credit goes to holly, holly is the backbone of the eight who holds the team together.

  • +25 team stamina
  • +10% damage resistance
  • Start with a stun gun
  • Has a special advantage when allows a ridden recovers 10 stamina.


back 4 blood hoffman weapons
back 4 blood characters

Hoffman is the male character of back 4 blood. The preferred weapon of Hoffman is the M1911 TAC14. Hoffman mentioned that no worm-ridden son of a bitch is going to stop us. Hoffman has the scientist of the team and the last survivor scientist also.

  • +10% max team ammo capacity
  • +1 offensive inventory
  • Start with an ammo pack
  • Has the special advantage to find ammo after killing ridden.


back 4 blood doc outfits

Doc is the female character of back 4 blood. The preferred weapons of the doc are the Beretta M9 and MP5. Once the doc said to kill or cure, I could do what I needed to do. As the doc said she is the healer of the seven she is kind of mean but has great shooting skills.

  • +30 healing efficiency
  • +25% Team Trauma Resistance
  • Start with a bandage.
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back 4 blood mom skins
back 4 blood characters

Mom is the female fictional character of the game. She prefers weapons the Belgian and Ranch Rifle. The name of the character’s mom is Chris. Mom told us that we’re not going to rest until I’ve put down every last ridden.

The mom, Chris, lost her son and she will avenge all the riddles. Mom’s character has seen life so in every serious decision she asks many questions till she gets it safe.

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