[New Added] CSGO Knife Commands List

Here we have gathered all the CSGO Knife Commands that you can use in order to spawn, give, pick, drop and many more things with a knife within the game.

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you will be able to find several different types of weapons but not every item will be accessible and available for you. Just like you know that grenades and firearms are obviously open to everybody but you can unlock the knives when you purchase the skins.

But you will be able to access the basic version of the knives in the game. Here we give you the complete details on Counter Strike: Global Offensive knife commands and the process to use them for free.

How You Can Spawn Knife In CSGO Using Commands

There are different types of spawn knives available in Counter Strike: Global Offensive for free and you have to remember also that you will not be able to spawn the knives without enabling cheats first. If you want to spawn any knife in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive then you have to use “give weapon_knife” which is a command in the console.

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At the very first all you need to do is just simply join any offline match where you will be able to enable the cheats. You will find that offline playing is the easiest and most simple. After doing it you have to enable the cheats, spawn blades, allow all of the knives and use your final command.

At the first you need to load a practice match and after loading to enable cheats into the console you have to type “sv_cheats 1” and if you want to kick out the bots from the match then you can use the command “bot_kick all” and if you want to drop the knives then you should use the command “mp_drop_knife_enable 1”.

csgo knife commands
csgo knife commands

CS:GO Knife Commands

Use this below-mentioned commands to spawn the knife according to you after you enable your cheats

M9 Bayonetweapon_knife_m9_bayonet

How To Pick Up Knife in CSGO?

If you want to pick up the knives then use ent_fire command

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Here if you notice quickly then you may find one caught in the system and in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive you will not be able to hold it in your hands so to pick it up you have to type ent_fire weapon_knife addoutput “classname weapon_knifegg” into the console.

Whenever you want to spawn a new knife, you can repeat this command and you will also be able to combine this with the knife command to spawn according to you.

You will find a total of 23 different types of knife commands in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and try the knife commands for free but the main thing is you just have to enable your cheats and also use the console colour to spawn and pick up.

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