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CSGO Callouts Dust 2: A multiplayer first-person shooter called Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was released in 2012 and was created by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. The fourth title in the Counter-Strike series is this one.

In several objective-based game modes, the game sets two teams—the terrorists and the counter-terrorists—against one another. The two most frequent game types feature Counter-Terrorists seeking to rescue hostages that the Terrorists have taken or Terrorists planting a bomb as Counter-Terrorists try to stop them.

There are nine official game modes, and each of them has unique features that are unique to it. In addition to community-hosted servers with unique maps and game types, the game also offers matchmaking capability that enables users to play on dedicated Valve servers. In December 2018, the “Danger Zone” battle-royale game mode was released.

One of the most renowned professional CS: GO maps is Dust 2. The first incarnation of this site, called Dust, was well-liked by Counter-Strike players. The location was then greatly refurbished and remastered. Somewhere in the Middle East, the Bomb Defusal scenario takes place.

csgo callouts dust 2

Dust 2 Callouts in CS: GO Guide

Here is a detailed guide for CSGO callouts dust 2. If you are wondering to play the dustouts map this is something worth considering. 

A Site

You initially pass through the Long Doors, a tunnel on the far right of the map protected by a wooden gate, on your way from T spawn to A site. You could need to rotate to the middle or be pushed back right here by an overzealous CT rush.

You can shelter from a possible attack in the blue container, which lies just outside the doors. The Pit is on the right, along with a Side Pit that is closer to the Long Door and a Pit Plat (also known as a Pit Platform) for a larger view of the A Long, the open path that leads directly into the mouth of CT spawn.

The benefits and risks of stopping on a long corner are both possible. You can hide from CT spawn but not from A Plat with the use of a car. The flashpoint between those is a cross. On the nearest end of A Plat, a Ramp takes you up to Barrels and A Default Plant.

You have the option of staying there on Goose to observe A Long or peeking at A Short, which returns you to Mid, behind Barrels. If you have a teammate available, you could pick Elevator for a straight approach on the plant site.

Isle Short Boost to shorten the distance to Mid when approaching the A Platform from the CT spawn and trying to minimize exposure on the A ramp. If you can get through Short and avoid getting caught on Short Stairs, Ninja is a dangerous location on A Plat.

B Site

Again, heading up from T Spawn for convenience’s sake, you first encounter a roomy T Plat (or T Platform) with a T Ramp leading down from it to Outside Tunnels. Near to T Plat or at the entrance to Tunnels, these terms might refer to either location.

There is no need for additional specific callouts because clutch situations seldom ever occur here owing to the physics of the game. Upper B Tunnels are outside, marking the start of a B site attack. However, if you want to bypass Mid, utilize the Lower B Tunnels.

Leaving the tunnels and heading toward the site, you eventually arrive at Close (or Close Left), which is still in the tunnel and right next to the Fence at the far left of the map.

Again, climbing upward from the T Spawn, you first come across a massive T Plat (or T Platform), from which a T Ramp descends to the Outside Tunnels. These words might be used to describe either the area next to T Plat or at the entrance of Tunnels.

Due to the game’s mechanics, clutch scenarios hardly ever occur here, hence there is no need for further particular callouts. A B site attack has begun with Upper B Tunnels outside. Use the Lower B Tunnels, nevertheless, if you wish to avoid Mid.

You ultimately reach Close (or Close Left), which is still inside the tunnel and close to the Fence at the extreme left of the map, after leaving the tunnels and moving toward the site.


This time, a CT Mid, known for its CT fatalities in the opening 10 seconds of the round, is what we receive after a CT Spawn. Mid Doors offer access to the main Mid as well as a see-through down to T Spawn, which is occasionally the target of a sniper match. A nook in the wall adjacent to the doors called Close Mid Doors provides some leverage while engaging in close combat.

In between Lower Tunnels and the bottom of A Short, a mid-ramp is tightly constrained by an Xbox container. The location with an electric pole is sometimes referred to as Pole since Palm is a heritage term for it.

A closed gate in a crevice on the right side of mid helps you insulate yourself from direct fire. The mid ramp’s Top Mid is where it splits off to Suicide (a little T-Spawn tunnel with a name that didn’t simply happen) and Outside Long, which is mostly used to return.

A Site through Long Doors or to fall back in general. The Palm/neighboring Pole’s high passageway, The Catwalk, takes you directly to A Short.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Dust 2 Callouts in CSGO with complete information.

What is CS go callouts?

A1. CS: GO Callouts are unique terms that designate certain spots in the virtual world. You may substantially accelerate your development by merely being familiar with them, and you may even improve your CS: GO rating. They can comprehend you when you inform your teammates where you are or where you will be facing opponents.

What are the Mirage callouts?

There are several callouts in Mirage. There is the Palace, which provides a view of the bomb site A, and the Apartments, which connect to the bomb site B. Along the center of the map are Catwalk, Underpass, Connector, Jungle, and many other locations.

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