Elden Ring: How To Cure Madness

Madness is a status effect that can occur to your character and also on enemies. When characters have to face repeated attacks of effects the Elden Ring Madness Meter bar turns to full. Madness Meter can switch up the level by the attacks of weapons, skills, and spells.

When the Madness Meter is filled the character will lose the focus points FP and not be able to cast spells also it takes serious health damage. So that’s all the basic things you should know about Madness in the Elden Ring.

Now here in this guide, we discuss how to reduce Madness in the Elden Ring. How to cure Madness in the Elden Ring? And how to resist the Madness status effect?

Which weapons cause the madness in the Elden Ring?

Here we mentioned a list of weapons that causes the Madness in Elden Ring:

  1. Vyke’s War Spear
  2. Frenzied Flame Seal
  3. Fingerprint Stone Shield
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Which skills and spells cause Elden Ring Madness?

Below are skills and spells that cause the Elden Ring Madness:

  1. The Flame of Frenzy
  2. Frenzied Burst
  3. Inescapable Frenzy
  4. Unendurable Frenzy
  5. Frenzyflame Thrust
  6. Howl of Shabriri

Other sources of madness in the Elden Ring?

Other than weapons, skills and spell these are the things that cause the Madness in Elden Ring:

  1. Frenzyflame Stone it’s a consumable item
  2. Mimic Tear Ashes
  3. Nomad Ashes

How to cure Madness in the Elden Ring?

Currently, there is no such thing in the Elden Ring that can reduce the Madness. But some skills, spells, and items can cure your character’s madness in the Elden Ring.

Here we listed some of the items and spells which can reduce Madness.

  • Spells
  1. Lucidity
  • Item
  1. Clarifying Boluses

You can cook Clarifying Boluses if you have the Frenzied Cookbook and the material required is Dewkissed Herbax 2, one Crystal Cave Moss, and one Eye of Yelough.

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You can have Lucidity Spell in Elden Ring at Carian Study Hall.

How to prevent the Madness effect in the Elden Ring?

You cannot directly prevent yourself from the Madness effect but if you improve the Mind stat and on other things you can increase your focus.

These items can help you to resist the Madness effect:

  1. Clarifying Horn Charm
  2. Shield of the Guilty
  3. Rift Shield
  4. Mottled Necklace

Use this armor to save yourself from the Madness effect:

  1. Mushroom Set
  2. Azur’s Glintstone
  3. Corhyn’s Robe
  4. Pumpkin Helm

That’s all you need to know about the Elden Ring Madness. Madness can directly impact your Hp and FP levels. If you are in a Multiplayer PvP battle then you can use the Madness effects on enemies to blank them up.

The enemies kind of pause for a few seconds and in those seconds you can try your best to knock them out. Also during Madness effects their HP will reach Rock bottom and you can win a PvP battle.

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