Elden Ring: How To Dupe Runes? Answered

Elden Ring is a hell of a game, the journey from no one to becoming an Elden Lord. There are many quests, weapons, bosses, magic, and spells that will make your eyes wide. From a newbie to complete the journey you have to develop your character in the Elden Ring.

To do so you will require a high amount of Runes. You can upgrade your character by investing in Runes. It’s kind of not easy to level up your character.

You will need Runes and on death, it reset to zero too. But here we found some way that you can increase the Runes in the Elden Ring. In Elden, Ring Duplication Glitch can help you to score Runes.

Here in this article, we have mentioned the method of Dupe Runes in Elden Ring

How To Dupe Runes in Elden Ring?

Follow these steps to Dupe Runes in Elden Ring. This is a kind of glitch so it might not work for everyone so on the safer side backup your Elden Ring data.

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1. PC players have to close the game and find the Elden Ring app data (%appdata%) through the search bar. When you have data, copy the first folder that will be in SL2 format and paste that data into a safe space.

2. PlayStation players have to copy the data through PlayStation Menu, select the options button and then select data management from there. After that, you have to save the data in Cloud Storage. You need to subscribe to PlayStation Plus.

3. Xbox players can do that From Xbox main menu select the Elden Ring and select the Menu button and close the game.

4. Now you have to summon your partner in your game. Make sure that you don’t switch places while your friend is summoning.

5. You need to drop the stuff which you want to boost. Don’t drop pennies, drop bulk amounts of Runes there. Your Summoned friend has to pick up the dropped Runes.

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6. Now you need to exit the game. After that, you have to load the previously saved game data. Open the saved data before you logged in to the game, now you have to log in again to regain all data.

7. PC players have to save to flies in safe space and then overlap data with a current save in Elden Ring. PS players have to save data in the Management sub-menu.

8. Xbox players have to completely turn off the game and then login in again in Elden Ring.

That’s done, now you won’t have to loot and find more runes. With this method, you can add multiple Runes in stocks.


You and your friends can repeat this way many times till you get enough Runes and other items. We are not promoting any unusual activity but with this glitch, you can focus more on the main journey rather than collecting stuff in lands between. But keep in mind that your backup data is otherwise your progress can lead to zero.

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